Melbourne and Sydney Trip 2008

Every year I make it a habit to try an plan a trip overseas. Last year it was Hong Kong and China. This year will be Melbourne and Sydney. Special thanks to Aunty Peng for sponsoring our trip!

I’ll be flying off to Melbourne tomorrow with my brother for my year end holiday. Will be in Melbourne for about 5 days and then we’ll be going on a roadtrip with Adrian and Ben to Merimbula, staying there for a night before continuing to Sydney. We’ll be in Sydney for about 3 days before driving back down to Melbourne and then flying back to kl. So we’ll be spending Christmas in Melbourne and the New Year in Sydney.

Some places in Melbourne to visit. We’ll be going for the Great Ocean Drive as well.

The drive to Merimbula alone is almost 8 hours!

And some places in Sydney.

There’s a whole list of places to visit so I’ll probably blog about them when I get back. If anyone wants to reach me when I’m away, you can send an email to my gmail. I’ll also post up my Australian mobile phone number here when I get it. Other than that, expect this blog to be on hiatus until I get back. Unless I have time to blog at Federation Square where they have free WiFi ;)

Enjoy your holidays! Continue reading