Vibration Reduction Shots

I just had 2 shots of Tequila and some Jim Bean so this is a perfect time to show why VR helps. The below photos were shot with an Nikon 18-200mm AFS VR. Thanks to Roger for letting me try out this nice lens. I didn’t have the time to do a full review, but I hope I will be able to have the chance to do it in the future. My first impression of this lens is very good.

Sunset at 18mm.

Pretty good bokeh.

100% crop, hand held at 1 second. Look how sharp it is. Vibration reduction really helps.

I had the chance to try out the Nikon AFS 18-200mm VR a while back and I was quite impressed by the VR2. Although it was quite noisy (high pitched whine), it really works. Gives you almost 4 stops advantage when VR2 is turned on. Now I hope Nikon will follow Canon’s footsteps by introducing a wide angle lens with f2.8 with VR. Continue reading

Guantanamo Torture Tunes

I was reading the papers the other day and I was shocked to find out that one of my favourite song, Metallica’s Enter Sandman is used to torture detainees at Guantanamo. No wonder they’re not getting anywhere. If they really want to be more effective, I think they should start playing Paris Hilton’s songs.

The Top Ten Guantanamo Interrogation Songs:

1. Enter Sandman – Metallica
2. Bodies – Drowning Pool
3. Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC
4. Hell’s Bells – AC/DC
5. I Love You, from the Barney And Friends children’s TV show
6. Born In The USA– Bruce Springsteen
7. We Are The Champions – Queen
8. Babylon – David Gray
9. White America – Eminem
10. Sesame Street – theme from the children’s TV show

Enter Sandman:
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Girls of Pikom PC Fair Dec 2008

Today is the last day of PC Fair 2008 so naturally, En Thein flew all the way from Kuching to see us. We were there at around 1pm so it was too packed to take lots of good photos. Here are some of the girls.







En Thein at Nandos. A second ago she said, “don’t take don’t take”.

Overall, bad day for shooting. Too crowded, didn’t have enough time, too crowded. Continue reading


My short 6 days holiday is over and I’m back to studying. I realized today that the Sony Ericsson W610i has got panoramic mode for its camera. It stitches 3 photos together to make a panorama, right on the phone itself.


I hate IE and Firefox for having different standards when it comes to rendering webpages. It makes coding a website a pain in the ass. You can almost never make them look exactly the same in both browsers.

Thunderstorm brewing during my drive to KLIA yesterday.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Continue reading

Smelly Tofu (Chou doufu)

A month back while coming down from Genting, Ben suggested that we go for smelly tofu (or more commonly known as chou doufu in Mandarin) at Kepong. I’ve never tried one in my life before that, but I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories about it. Watch any HK drama. You’ll see the old ladies going crazy over those. It’s not much different here. You need to queue up to buy them.

My very first time was a disaster. The toilet that I went before that smelled better. The tofu was rotten, smelly, and I can’t really explain how it tastes like. In fact, the taste wasn’t that bad, it’s the smell. I managed 2 small pieces and that was it. Ben the master of chou doufu downed 17.

A week ago, Bev came over to KL so I decided to bring her and Tzy Shih there so they can also taste how good it is. As they say, a video is worth a thousand photos. So here’s 3 (thanks Bev for the uploads):

Tzy Shih’s attempt.

Bev’s undramatic attempt.

My 2nd time.

Well honestly, I expected them to chicken out. Should have bought more. Anyone who dare to give it a try can head over to the Kepong Night market along Jalan Mergastua. Don’t forget to bring an empty stomach! Continue reading