Old Photos

I had a roll of film that has been sitting for very long in my Nikon F65 and I have just recently finished using and developing it.

Alvin’s dog. It suddenly came over to our house one day and decided to stay. Very friendly but feeding it cost more than feeding me so it was sent away to an animal home I think.

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Shooting the Yashica Electro 35 GSN

The scanner’s in a bad mood again so it doesn’t want to do any scanning. So I’ll talk about something else today. Here’s the setup I used for shooting the Yashica Electro 35 GSN the other day. Basically for shoots like this, you’ll want even lighting so no shadows will show and you’ll get maximum details. It would be better if I had 2 softboxes/umbrellas and 2 strobes.

Here the flash is made to bounce off the white cardboard (it’s black on one side) to illuminate the subject evenly. Flash is on manual power and adjusted accordingly for the correct exposure. Since your subject and your flash distance is constant (i.e. both are not moving about), manually adjusting the power of the flash will let you get consistent exposures each and every time.

I asked my iPhone to take a photo of me shooting. I was using the Nikkor AIS 80-200mm f4 lens. Manual focus @ f/16 @ 1/200. When shooting products (or portraits), always use the longest lens you have. Because products look weird if you shoot them using wide angles, and people look fat if you shoot them using wide angles. And that’s the reason why I’m standing on a chair. I always try to shoot as close to 200mm as possible.

I don’t have the equipment now to prove that a wide angle lens make products look weird. It has something to do with the angles at which the light ray enters the lens. But once I get them I’ll come up with a post about it. Sometime mid of next month.

So always remember these 6 things when you’re shooting a product:

  1. Set up your lighting properly first. Play around with different setups. This is the most important step in getting good lighting for your product.
  2. Use manual power for your flashes so you get consistent exposures for every shot.
  3. Use a long lens. Preferably 50mm and above. I’ll recommend a 200mm lens. Products look better when shot with longer lenses (to be proven soon).
  4. Shoot with a small aperture (big F number) to get a deeper depth of field. You want everything to be in focus, not just one part of your product. f/11 to f/16 is ok, but don’t go over f/22 because diffraction will soften the image.
  5. Use manual focus to give you more control over the focus of your subject.
  6. And most importantly, experiment and have fun. You’re shooting digital, so shoot as many as you want. There’s nothing like discovering new techniques through trial and error. You’ll never know what you’ll be able to achieve by doing it differently.

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Cluttered Desk

I’ve never had a clean and tidy desk. Maybe just for a day after cleaning my room up. Jasmine‘s MSN message said: If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?

Thank God my desk(top) is not empty :D

But then again I’ve heard people say that a cluttered desk is a good sign because that means you have already removed all the clutter from your brain.

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FRIM Shoot Part 2

For photography purposes, you are allowed to go into FRIM two times for free. We did not want to waste the opportunity so we were there again today. This time we went to the Canopy Walkway. Totally worth the climb. Since I shot mostly film, I’ll do another update once I get them developed. Here are the ones I took using my point and shoot and some from Afiq and Roger.

Took the Rover trail to get to the Canopy Walkway. The suggested time to complete this trail was 35-45 minutes. It’s steep and very tiring so be prepared to sweat it out here.

This is the Canopy Walkway. This is just the first stretch of it. There are 5 of them altogether. It’s high above the ground. So high that some people turn back after a few steps.

Taking the first step. You must keep about “2 plank” distance (or about 3 meters) away from each other.

You’re not exactly allowed to stop halfway. But some shots wouldn’t hurt.

There are stops between the bridges that are built on top of trees where you can stop to admire the scenery. These stops can hold from 4 to 8 persons at one time so you’ll need to keep moving when people come. The weather was good but the sky was hazy so KL couldn’t be seen properly from there.

It started to rain after we came down from the Canopy Walkway. We were still about 15 minutes walk away from our car so we decided to run for it, under the heavy rain. Got soaked within seconds. Mercifully, the rain stopped soon but we were already drenched. Went for lunch outside FRIM after that. Seriously difficult to find a mamak stall at Kepong.

We wanted to wait for sunset to get the perfect lighting to shoot a particular subject. So we dropped by Kepong’s Jaya Jusco to lepak.

Playing House of the Dead 3 with Roger. This version has an improved reloading method which requires you to just pump the handle of the gun (like how you would reload a shotgun). Otherwise, the storyline remains very similar to the one I played before. I’ve finished the whole story. The bad guy died in the end.

Not very relevant photo, but this was how we shot one of the mushrooms last weekend: 3 wireless SB600s.

Had some sushi at Jusco before heading back to FRIM for the final shoot. It was raining but we went on anyways. The slippery forest floor and the constant raindrops on the lenses are annoying. Because we were shooting the sky, this means that we have to constantly dry the lens prior to taking a photo. In one shot, I had the camera pointing up, pre-focused and everything, and Afiq was wiping the lens with a lens cleaning cloth. At the count to three, the moment he took the cloth away, I had to shoot or else the rain drops will have fallen on the lens and ruin the photo. We had to do it many times. It was hilarious. I don’t have the photos of the final shoot yet but it’ll be up on FRIM Shoot Part 3.

Smelly tofu again.

And since FRIM was so near to the Kepong night market, and since it was a Sunday, there was no real reason not to take them for tofu. They could smell it the moment they got out of the car.

No video this time because Roger took it like it was something he’ll eat everyday.

Definitely one of the more interesting weekends for me. Will consider going hiking/mountain climbing again. Continue reading