Earth Hour 2009 at KLCC

I was at KLCC during Earth Hour 2009 when they switched off the lights. Switching off KLCC’s lights wasn’t such a big deal because they do that every night at 1am. However, the act of doing it during Earth Hour was significant. People might say it’s a publicity stunt, or that we could save more if we changed our wasteful habits. But in a way it did create awareness among the thousands of people who were there and also the millions of people who participated during Earth Hour 2009. It is with this awareness that will slowly but surely make us realize that each and everyone of us need to do our part to preserve our Earth.

I brought film lenses so I didn’t have the angle on digital to cover both the towers. More photos to come after I develop and scan the negatives. This was taken on Friday night after the rain.

I didn’t bring a camera along so the video above was shot with my iPhone.

Tip of the day: switch off unused lights or work in the darkness (where applicable)! Continue reading