iPhone Games: Flight Control

Air traffic controllers are the unsung heroes in the aviation industry. They work in secret buildings behind huge monitors so they can navigate and land your plane safely at the airport. I didn’t know how difficult it was until I started playing Flight Control for the iPhone.

In this game you play the role of an air traffic controller and you must guide planes as they come in for landing. It’s easy at first but when more and more planes come into your screen, that’s when the fun starts. And because different planes travel at different speeds, it’s hard to estimate their flight path. “Chaotic” might be too mild of a word to use to describe the situation that you will be in.

The route you mark out for an aircraft will be shown with a white line. As more aircraft comes in, the skies will get congested and will eventually…

…lead to an inevitable crash.

Here’s a video of the gameplay:

Of course, real air traffic control won’t be this simple. Real air traffic controllers can “stack” aircraft at different altitudes, giving them a 3D control of the aircraft’s position so they can accommodate more aircraft. Nevertheless, this is a very addictive and easy game to play. Endless hours of fun and wasted time. Has replaced iDracula as my most played game :D

Something related. Highly skilled FedEX air traffic controller:

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