Very Long Exposure Photo

Everyone must have at some point in time used the long exposure function on their digital cameras. Long exposures are great for capturing motion, for fireworks, light painting and other creative photography. Most digital cameras will let you go up to 30 seconds of exposure. More than that, you’ll have to use the bulb mode.

Long exposure to capture motion.

Or to photograph fireworks.

The longest exposure I’ve taken is probably 30 seconds.

I can take a 1 minute exposure with the bulb mode if I wanted but I don’t think there was anything worth exposing for more than 1 minute (the night sky perhaps?). But I was wrong. The longest exposed photo was not exposed for 2 minutes, nor was it exposed for 1 hour. It was exposed for an astonishing 6 months! Yes! Half a year! That’s equivalent to almost 16 million seconds!! The result?

Photo courtesy:

A nicely exposed solargraph (photograph of the movement of the sun). This photo was made using photographic paper and a pinhole camera. More info on how you can also do this can be found here. For solargraphy resources, head over to

If anyone’s crazy enough to try it out let me know and report back in 6 months. Continue reading