Story of a Battery Grip

Sometimes people take the size of your equipment too seriously. Try using a compact camera to shoot PC Fair promoters and then bring a bigass DSLR with a huge lens and see the change in reaction.

A D200 with battery grip. A 17-55mm f2.8 lens might do the trick perhaps?

First impressions are everything. You might have shot your best shots with a puny compact camera, but if you approach your clients offering to shoot their wedding (once in a lifetime) with it, they might think otherwise. Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with skills, it’s just the general conception that the bigger the camera you have, the better you are. So if you’re running a business why go against the norm and upset your clients? Show them the good stuff and then shoot with whatever you’re comfortable with. What they don’t know can’t hurt them, as long as the results are good. Personally, I wouldn’t mind using a compact that can perform as well as a Nikon D3 with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens. But obviously that’s not going to happen soon.

Size has also become a marketing strategy when selling cameras nowadays. Bigger is always better, so they say. The following is a true conversation overheard by somebody, taken verbatim from here:

I was browsing at a Camera Store somewhere in KL ( Quite Famous ) and overheard this conversation.

Freshie: Oklah, I buy the 1000D, but give discount a bit lah towkey.

Towkay : Can can, but this price so good already. Some more the Hoya Filter also I give you RM90 only. Outside selling 200 over you know. This one original frm Japan. Eh, you get the battery grip also lah. I give you cheap cheap oso.

( This conversation took place before Canon came up with the most recent Battery Grip Package )

Freshie : Battery grip is for what ah towkay.

Towkay : You put the battery grip ah, you camera look very professionla oredy. See that big camera or not ( pointing at the D1 Mk 111).After install battery grip your 1000D also become professional like that.

Freshie : Waaa..spec all the same ka ?

Towkay: No lah, spec cannot be same what, but the size of you 1000D become professional oredy. People see also repsect you.

Freshie : How much ?

Towkay : ( took out calculator, Punch some numbers and showed the freshie)

Freshie : expensive ?

Towkay : Yar lah.. but much cheaper than that one what. That one is 30K over ( point at the Mark 111 again )

Freshie : Discount lah a bit. I just start work only.

Towkay : Oklah, I give you special package ( Did the calculator routine again)

Freshie : Best price oredy ah ?

Towkay : Very Good oredy lah. Take the tripod oso lah. RM99 only. Then very pro oredy.

And it goes on and on and on. I left the place but later saw the Freshie walking out of the store with a big grin on his face.

Duuuhhhhh….. I wonder how people out there gets atrocious advice when it comes to buying gears like this. Adding battery grip to your camera make you a professional indeed. BAH !!!

Note: Adding a battery grip doesn’t make you a pro, but it does extend battery life, give you a better grip when shooting portraits and of course, sore arms. Continue reading