Night shift

Sorry, no pictures from KLIA. They have a very strict policy against photography in the apron area.


I’m a night person. I love night time. I’m not nocturnal but I like how it’s peaceful, quiet and cool when the sun goes down. And the fact that you’re going against your biological cycle makes it even more appealing.

So I was really looking forward to starting my night shift at KLIA ASU during my 3 months posting there. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Things are a little different here at night. My shift starts at 7pm. The sun is already on it’s way down, slowly letting the darkness take over. Yellow flood lights illuminate the bays.

We handle the arrivals for the last few flights of the day. Most of the aircraft coming in at this time will be here for a night stop. So we usually power down the aircraft and leave it parked at the bays for the stayover check or for any defect rectification. By 12am, the last aircraft would have landed.

For the past 2 nights, I was with the defect team. Basically our job is to rectify the defects reported in the technical logs. We sort through them to find those that can be rectified here and for those that cannot be done here, it will be deferred for base maintenance (if allowable).

It’s fun and unpredictable. Because you can never predict which planes will have what defects tonight. Although for some planes you already know what’s wrong once you see the registration. So here in KLIA ASU, it’s more to thinking on your feet and making fast (and safe) decisions. It’s more to troubleshooting and problem solving and time is limited. By 5am the first planes will be flying off already. And by 6:30 I’ll be on my way back home to sleep till noon.

One good thing about shift work is you get days off during weekdays. But sometimes you have to work weekends. For this week, I’m on Friday night and Saturday night, then off on Sunday and Monday. Sometimes these off days during weekdays can be rather convenient:

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Kota Kinabalu Trip 2009: Part 3

Continuing from Part 2:

Last Day

Waking at 9am, I skipped the free breakfast provided by Kinabalu Backpackers and went to shower. The good thing is that they have hot showers which is a must for me in the mornings. I don’t mind cold showers, but why settle for less.

Packing up to check out. Check out time is 12pm.

Again, we went to Kak Tini to have breakfast. Had mee goreng this time round and as usual, it was superb. If you go early enough, do try their “Nasi Kuning”. I heard it’s good.

Tun Mustapha Tower.

Roger came over and brought us to Tun Mustapha Tower. This is a very tall and cylindrical shaped building that you are unlikely to miss. It is on the way from the city to 1Borneo. It is mainly a government building, but on the 18th floor, there is a revolving restaurant. And the view is amazing from up there.

@mosphere@mosphere Revolving Restaurant and Bar (18th floor).

The @mosphere Revolving Restaurant and Bar opens at 11am and it starts revolving at 12pm. They cater for lunch and dinner and prices are pretty affordable considering you’re getting an amazing view from up there. They also have special set lunches for government and UMS staff and student. It’s RM19 for a 3 course lunch. Interestingly, they have free valet parking and WiFi.

We drove further up north to the Nexus Resort at Karambunai. I didn’t get to see much of the resort, but from the brochures that I took, they seem to offer a lot of watersports. From kayaking to parasailing to jet skiing, they have everything. Due to the lack of time and budget constrains, we didn’t do any of those. Although I would love to go kayaking.

Nexus Karambunai Resort’s Sports and Recreation Center.

Soon it was time to head back to town to grab lunch before going to the airport to catch our 4:15pm flight. But before that we stopped by Signal Hill Observatory. This is like the “Ampang Lookout Point” of Kota Kinabalu, but it’s not as high and there are no restaurants here.

KK city. The speck near the center is not sensor dust. It’s a plane taking off from KKIA.

Marzuki, Badri and I at Signal Hill Observatory. Thanks Roger for the photo!

The view from Signal Hill is not great. I think if you want a good view of the city, you’re better off going up a tall building. Anyways, for lunch we drove around till we found a shop with ikan bakar. The nice thing about Kota Kinabalu is that you can have fish for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Fish is everywhere. And since it’s so fresh, you probably won’t get tired of it.

Fishes getting bakar-ed (barbecued) here. The fishes are not seasoned in any way and they’re fresh from the charcoal pit. The red colored fishes on the lower left cost RM2 each.

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed for an hour due to the plane arriving late from Seoul. So we got plenty of time to spare. My Kota Kinabalu trip has been real fun. Although there wasn’t enough time to go to all the tourist attractions in the city, a sneak peak was enough to make me want to come back here again. The seafood is just one of the many reasons why I can’t get enough of this place. Of course, I haven’t even explored the many islands that surround Sabah or climb Mount Kinabalu. But rest assured that I’ll be adding those to the list of things to do soon.

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