All My Bags are Packed

And I’m ready to go.

While waiting for our KLIA security pass to be finalized this morning, we toyed over the idea of flying over to Langkawi after work since alcohol is so cheap there since we need some time to relax and I haven’t been on holiday for quite some time.


But most of us had been to Langkawi already. So Kota Kinabalu Sabah was the next best thing, with it’s islands, seafood, clear blue waters and cheap backpackers. We didn’t take long to decide. Two hours later, we walked out of KLIA’s ticketing office with return tickets to Sabah.


We’ll be leaving tomorrow, first thing in the morning. Updates when I get back. Continue reading

Untangling the Mess

I’m a very messy person. When I’m concentrating on a project or working on something, tidiness usually goes out the window. And I have a very bad habit of procrastinating. Why tidy now when I can put it away till tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow. And that explains a lot about my messy room.

My desk is so messy that I don’t even have enough room for my mouse to move freely.

I’m very sure that if I tidy things up after I’m done with them, my room will theoretically be clean and tidy all the time. But that will mean doing housekeeping every time I’m done with something. That contradicts heavily with my belief of tidying or cleaning up only when the messiness of the room reaches critical mass.

But then if I keep holding on to that, I’ll almost never have a tidy room. So from today onwards, I’ll be trying to switching to tidying up as soon as I’m finished with something. And also rearranging the furniture around so I don’t have places to store my messy things. It’s time to get this part of my life straightened up.

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Life Updates

Just finished a 3 days Human Factors course with exam so it’s the weekend to unwind before I start shift work on Monday. It’ll be two days working, two days off, alternating between day shift and night shift. Something like day, day, off, off, night, night, off, off, day, day and so on and so forth. Obviously on some weekends I’ll be working and on some weekdays I’ll be free. Good way to throw off the body’s circadian rhythm.

Almost all my exam results were finalized last Friday and I’m glad to say that I’ve passed all so far. Just 2 more essays to go and I’ll be on my way to DCA. I’ve been busy working on the Nikon CLS system. Modified and played around with the waveforms and I’m getting 100% firing right now. The detection circuit is still being played around to achieve better compatibility with SB800 flashes.

ITEX 09 at KLCC.

(Photos below courtesy of Tan) I went for ITEX 09 today at KLCC. It is an Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition which showcases prototypes and new stuff. There are a few very cool inventions there like the RC plane turned UAV below.

A standard size 46 RC plane jam packed with electronics.

The UAV above has GPS, static port for altitude sensing, 3 axis gyros, 3 axis accelerometers, flux valves, GSM modem for communications, a custom microcontroller board to fly the plane and an onboard camera for aerial photography. You can feed it coordinates of waypoints and it will fly according to the waypoints you have given it, on autopilot. It doesn’t do autoland or auto takeoff though.

Here’s me watching a demo of a volumetric scanner. This scanner will scan a parcel and tell you its volumetric weight. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the height of the parcel and distance measuring lasers to determine the width and length of the parcel. The lasers cost RM20k each.

Not as crowded as PC Fair.

Multitouch table.

This caught my eye because I was working on something similar a while back:

So I went and asked them about the specs and construction and surprisingly they were very reluctant to tell me more about it. Right, like I would want to steal their design.

Stereo cameras to track a laser pointer.

There are also some other interesting machines, like a pineapple peeler, geared CVT (which I doubt will work in real world applications), and a remote controlled robot going around distributing magazines. It’s a great eye opener. Nice to see some interesting things being developed and you get to learn some new stuff as well.

If you’re interested you can head down to KLCC tomorrow (17th May) which is the last day of the exhibition. Continue reading