iPhone Firmware 3.0 Upgrade

Two days ago, I upgraded my iPhone 2G’s firmware to version 3.0. Here’s why you need to do the same if you have a 2G iPhone (or even a 3G iPhone).

1. Cut-Copy-Paste

Left: Selecting some text. Right: Option to cut, copy or paste the selected text.

This is by far the greatest feature in 3.0. Now you can cut, copy, paste whatever you want. You can copy a URL from Safari to your Notes, copy text from your Notes and send them through Email or SMS, copy SMSes and paste them on your Email, copy text and paste them back to Safari. The possibilities are endless. And this one feature alone makes the upgrade worthwhile.

2. Spotlight Search

Left: Searching for “game”. Right: iPhone home screen. To bring up Spotlight, just swipe your finger to the right or press the home button when you’re already at the home screen.

You will be familiar with Spotlight if you have used a Mac before. It searches system wide, including your Email, Notes, Apps, Music, Internet shortcuts and Phone contacts. It’s really convenient if you want to find an Email containing certain words.

3. Voice recorder

Left: A simple voice recorder. Right: “About page” showing the firmware version.

It used to be impossible to record secret conversations using the iPhone. But not anymore. Put an iPhone in a room and be surprised at what you might hear.

4. Improved Camera

Source: news.softpedia.com

Strange but true, although the camera hardware remains the same, firmware 3.0 lets the camera take better quality pictures. This may have something to do with how the camera hardware is controlled (e.g shutter speed, ISO) and also post-processing.

5. MMS

Left: Send a picture through MMS. Right: Unrelated: Search through your emails.

MMS requires firmware 3.0 and “ActivateMMS2G” from Cydia. See here for instructions.

6. SMS Forwarding

Left: Normal SMS conversation. Right: Click “Edit” and now you’re able to delete individual SMSes and to forward them.

There used to be a time when I couldn’t forward funny SMSes because the iPhone doesn’t allow SMS forwarding! But now that has changed and it’s easier to use than ever. With a few taps I can send the entire SMS conversation over to another person.

The above are just a few features that I find very useful. The 3.0 firmware has over 100+ new features and the complete list can be found here. Also check out Apple’s official 3.0 page.

Instructions on how to upgrade your iPhone 2G can be found here. Happy upgrading! Continue reading

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, touted as the world’s greatest entertainer, died today (Friday, June 26) at 5:36am Malaysian time. His 1982 album Thriller is the best selling album of all time. It is certified 27x platinum by the RIAA. He was so famous that when the news of his death was announced, the overwhelming number of Google searches for Michael Jackson led the company to believe that it was under “hacker attack”. Twitter also crashed following the huge number of people who wanted to get the news out to their followers. And the story of his death on Digg was dugg 21000+ times!

His talents maybe tainted by his weird behaviors and a string of child molestation cases, but this is probably how most of the world will remember him by:

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World's Best Starcraft Player vs Blind Guy

Being a Starcraft player myself, watching a blind guy playing it so well is just unbelievable. You really have to wonder how he knows where his units are, how he micros them and how the heck he gets his bearings?! He must have built a mental map of the game in his mind. And just by listening to the game sounds he can figure out what’s going on. Truly amazing. And to almost beat the World’s Best Player. If he wasn’t blind, he would have totally pwned him. Watch the video, it’s half an hour long:

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