So lazy over the weekend so I’ll just show some photos. Mark bought a dartboard today. So while they were playing I took some photos. Single SB600 directly below dartboard, in the path of the incoming darts.

Each person gets to throw three darts each round. The score of the three darts will be subtracted from an initial score of 301 (may be different depending on the game). The first person to reduce their score to exactly zero wins.

Sometimes we don’t always play by the rules. Like throwing all three darts at once.

After throwing all the darts, Tan went and shoot the target with a BB gun and I was lucky enough to catch the bullet midair (orange colored)! Due to the speed of the bullet, you can see that the bullet is slightly oval in shape, as opposed to being completely round.

Back to class tomorrow.

Update: I almost forgot my D90 take videos too!

Not shot at full resolution. 28mm f2.8. Continue reading