iPhone Hard Casing

A new rubberized hard casing for my iPhone 2G arrived a few days ago and I feel I need to shoot it before it gets all scratched up. I’ve been using a rubber casing for more than a year already and decided that I need to get a hard casing after Afiq showed me his. The rubber one always gets stuck in my pockets because it’s made of rubber. But it absorbs impacts very well and I frequently toss my iPhone around without having to worry about it getting scratched or dented.

Two piece casing. Bottom black piece can be removed so the iPhone can be inserted into the dock.

Hole for the camera, and holes for headphones on top, and silence, volume control buttons on the side (not shown here).

I’ve been using this for a few days now and I can say I really like the build quality of it. However I do miss the softness of the rubber case and I don’t think this hard case will survive many knocks or drops. But it does look good in red. Continue reading

I'm on Twitter!

I finally joined Twitter a few days ago. Hopefully it won’t affect my regular blogging here. If you have Twitter, feel free to follow me @tzywen.

I’ve also added a new column on the right so even if you don’t have Twitter you can still follow my updates.

Surprisingly, even though I’m not a frequent twitter, I’ve seen the fail whale a few times already. I wonder how the servers are coping with so much hype on Twitter now. Continue reading