Langkawi Trip 2009: Part 1

Usually for the long Hari Raya break I’ll fly back to Kuching. With 2 days of public holiday, I just need to take 3 more days of annual leave to get 9 days off. Quite a bargain if you consider the fact that I have only 16 days of annual leave per year.

However, this Raya I was booked for a holiday with my brothers, my grandmother, my mum and her sister at Langkawi. This was a holiday that was planned months ago with everything settled for me so there was no good reason not to go. And for the first time in my life, I’m flying on AirAsia.

Landed at Langkawi International Airport, 30 minutes late.

I went to the airport straight after work so it was already late when we reached Langkawi. Got our rented cars from the airport and drove back to our service apartment. Had a late burger for supper and went to bed early for the next day.

Gloomy weather at Kuah, Langkawi.

I had checked the weather forecast for the few days that we will be in Langkawi and the results were bad. Thunderstorms were predicted throughout the week. And sure enough, it rained on my first day in Langkawi. We had to postpone the island hopping and do something else while waiting for the rain to stop.

Perdana Gallery

The Perdana Gallery or Galeria Perdana as it is called, is located along Jalan Ayer Hangat (which also means “hot water road”). It was founded by our formal Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and it showcases the various gifts and awards that he has received during his time as the Prime Minister. There are over 8,000 items on display, each with their description and from whom he had received it from. It was an interesting showcase, and I really enjoyed the photos section. I don’t have any photos of the exhibits, but do pay this place a visit if you have time.

Charlie’s Place

Charile’s Place at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

Weather was till very bad in the afternoon. Very cloudy and moody so there was nothing much to do. We had a late lunch at Charlie’s Place just beside the Kuah jetty.

Mum, grandmother and me.

Carefully metered shots.

Did some duty free shopping before heading back to the apartment to rest.

Cows crossing.

The car rental guy did mention that we need to be careful while driving because there are cows crossing the roads. It wasn’t such a problem in the morning, but at night, it was difficult to see the cows at locations where the streetlights are out.

Artisan’s Pizza

Artisan’s Pizza.

Initially we wanted to try out the Orkid Ria Seafood restaurant beside it, but it was jammed packed with people and there was a queue for seats. So we decided to try the seafood another day and go for pizza instead at Artisan’s Pizza.

The pizza tastes great under white fluorescent lighting.

This beats Pizza Hut and Dominos anyday. Located along Pantai Cenang, the place is at a constantly lacking tables because it’s a small shop and they have so few of them. The good news is you can take away or use their delivery service to deliver to your doorstep.

There was a lack of suitable bars to hang out and chill so we got back and had a beer on the couch instead, praying that tomorrow will be a better day (although the weather forecast indicated otherwise).

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