Langkawi Trip 2009: Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

I woke up to a beautiful morning on my 2nd day in Langkawi. The weather forecast was off, it was sunny 16 outside and we were ready for our island hopping.

DSC_8124A quiet little Korean restaurant.

But first we had breakfast at a Korean restaurant just opposite the Underwater World. It’s a bit secluded because it’s not located on the main road. Food is good and pricing is reasonable.

Island Hopping

Looking for our boat.

The term island hopping is slightly misleading because you don’t actually go hop around each and every island surrounding Langkawi. The boatman will bring you to 2 different islands, one where you can enjoy the sand and the sea and the other one is the famous Pregnant Lady lake where you get to swim in a natural fresh water lake. They also bring you out for fishing and eagle feeding.

We started with fishing first. The boatman Mimi provided us with hooks and baits. If you’ve read about my Pangkor fishing trip you’ll know that fishing requires lots of patience and a good location. Good thing is, we had a good location and we got about 8 fishes within an hour. Unfortunately photos are not with me so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Eagle feeding

Eagles swooping down for food.

This was by far one of the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of eagles came out from no where and swooped down to grab the chicken skin thrown out by the boatman. They used chicken skin because it floats on water so the eagles can see them. It was truly a spectacular sight. I will publish a video soon and update it here.

Update: eagle feeding video:

Picnic by the sea

Slightly commercialized area offering banana boat ride.

We told the boatman that we wanted to head over to an island so we can have a picnic and swim in the sea and lie down by the beach and just enjoy the sun. So he left us at one island for about an hour and let us have our own time. One of the things that I really love to do is to just lie down on the beach and sleep.

And that was what I did. Thanks mum for the photo!

Pregnant Maiden Lake

Can you see the pregnant maiden? Hint: her head is on the right.

After bathing in the sea, all you want to do is wash off the salty sea water before it clings on you and makes you all sticky. So off we went to the Dayang Bunting (pregnant maiden) island. It is a 30 minutes boat ride from the island that we were picnicking on.

Dayang Bunting is malay for “pregnant maiden”.

There’s a story behind the name of the island. It is said that someone got someone pregnant and someone’s father got angry and turned her into a mountain and the baby into a crocodile. You can read more about this here. However we were more interested in getting to the lake since it was a hot day and dipping in fresh water should be really refreshing.

Didn’t anyone tell them the story of the Dayang Bunting?

It’s a slight walk down to the lake.

As you can see from Google Maps here the tasik (lake) is in the island itself. It’s a catchment area for rain water and because it does not mix with the sea water, it’s fresh.

The lake. A platform has been built so people can access the lake easily.

We took a swim and the water is indeed refreshing! The lake is deep, so you might want to use a lifejacket. Hint: bring one from your boat so you don’t have to rent one there.

Going back

Then it was time to go home.

The boatman was rushing us because of the tide. If we don’t reach back by a certain time, we will not be able to dock and will have to wait until 10pm before we can get back to Langkawi. I didn’t realise how serious it was until I saw how shallow the water has become. We made it on time alright. Tipped the boatman and now it was time to try out Orkid Ria which we didn’t get to try because of the enormous queue yesterday. Today we were early.

Orkid Ria Seafood

Orkid Ria restaurant, located along Jalan Pantai Cenang.

Because of the enormous queue, we assumed that the food was good. Turns out the food wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really justify the long queue. We had 9 dishes altogether.

First 5 dishes, followed by butter prawns, sea cucumber and 2 dishes of fish.

After being stuffed, we went back to the apartment to have a quiet and relaxing evening. The difference between holidaying in Langkawi with the family is that you get to unwind at night. With friends, the party’s just getting started at the beach with booze. I prefer the former.

And great weather brings along great sunsets.


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