Langkawi Trip 2009: Finale

Continued from part 3.

On the last day of Langkawi we wanted to go for the Langkawi cable car ride. We planned to go there very early to avoid the crowd. It opens at 9:30am (on a public holiday) and we were there by 10am so there was no crowd. But already a small queue was forming so we were quite glad we went early. Do bring your IC because you’ll get RM15 discount (usual price RM30).

The cable car is inside the Langkawi GeoPark.

The highest station of the Langkawi cable car.

Departing from ground station. Each gondola takes a maximum of 6 people.

A scenic view on a clear day.

These are actually solar panels at the top.

This is the famous Curve Hanging Bridge. You can feel it moving slightly under your feet as you walk along it.

On the bridge. Very windy.

After the cable car there wasn’t much to do before our evening flight. Had to go back to pack and did a bit of last minute duty free shopping.

Flight back was uneventful except for the incident at the customs where we were taxed RM30 for bringing extra liquor. AirAsia flight was right on time. Overall it was quite a relaxing holiday. Seen and enjoyed more things as compared to when I went with my housemates few years back where we took the 12 hour train. Yeah, we were still young and crazy then. Continue reading