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I’ve always been obsessed about the night sky. The millions of stars that litter the black abyss is highly fascinating. It really shows how small we are in this infinite universe. But unfortunately we won’t get anything like this here in Malaysia because our skies are always cloudy. While I was in Melbourne I could actually see plenty of stars during clear nights. It was indeed a sight to behold.

The next best thing was to view it in a planetarium. So I got myself a constellation projector for my room.

The constellation projector.

Light shines through these pieces of plastic and spots of lights representing stars are projected on the wall.

Some assembly required. This is how the completed “dome” looks like.

At night with the light source on.

And here’s how my wall and ceiling looks like.

I only have one complain about this device. Since it doesn’t have any lens system, the projections are not sharp. It’s ok for projecting stars I guess.

The constellation projector can be ordered online at dealperfect.com or if you cannot wait for the shipping a local supplier can be contacted at zero12-9o7687zero (as of 25th Oct 2009).

Update: Here’s another shot using a tripod.

The hexagonal lines are there because I have yet to trim off the excess tabs. This is roughly what our eyes see after adjusting to the darkness. The room needs to be completely dark, even the glow from the monitor is unacceptable. Continue reading


I’ve been terribly busy for the past few weeks, preparing for one of the most important exam of my life: the DCA written exam. So it’s only fair that I put some effort into it and pass at first attempt. Therefore, I have been spending my after work hours at a study group to prepare for it. Currently I only have enough time for meals and for my 9-hour sleep so the rest will just have to wait after November 19th.

I will still post here once in a while, but do assume that this blog is now on hiatus. Thanks for reading!

And by the way this is one cool video. When it started to play I wasn’t watching the video and I wondered why Miley Cyrus sounded a bit different:

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Last Week's Recap

Been very busy with work and studying so not much time to update the blog.

Open house visit on Saturday. Friend’s Kawasaki ER-6N.

Laughing at Facebook photos. Contents censored to protect those who were present.

On Sunday went to test out the recently overhauled (by Tan the pro rempit biker) pocketbike.

This is the moment the chain ran out of the sprockets due to lack of tension. Re-tensioned it and worked well after that.

But due to the fact that the exhaust pipe wasn’t secured properly, and the fact that it was improperly repaired the last time, it came off during one of the runs. But it sounded very good without the muffler:

And here’s a small section of my CLS talk/demo at the Nikonian Academy last Wednesday. At this point I was firing flashes at random using the computer:

Thanks Sean for the video! Taken from nikonian.com.my Continue reading