Small Airports in Sarawak

We’ve all been to huge modern airports and they are as comfy and as equipped as shopping centers. You have fast food chains, snack shops, bookstores, and even spas in some.

In Sarawak however, there are some very small airports that are used to connect rural areas. Often these airports consist of a short runway and a small building that functions as the departure and arrival hall. There are no baggage carousels, you just take your bags from a spot. Simple and easy, like a bus stop.

Long Akah1
Long Akah

Long Banga1
Long Banga

Long Lellang
Long Lellang. That’s a Twin Otter parked beside it.

Long Seridan1
Long Seridan





Mulu Main Apron
Mulu. Fokker 50s parked on the apron. I’ve been to this airport onboard a Twin Otter a few years back.

Must be a real challenge coming in for landing in these airports. I’m quite sure there’s no ILS (instrument landing system) so it’s hand flying all the way down. Fun!

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