Rechargeable CR2 Battery

Since using my Nikon F65, I’ve always had to buy expensive CR2 batteries for it. They don’t run out fast, but once they do, replacing both at the same time costs about 2 rolls of film. So after the last set ran out, I had enough and I went and bought rechargeable ones (battery and charger from

Rechargeable CR2s and the charger.

The Nikon F65 takes 2 CR2s.

No more buying these.

Now I just fully charge them before a trip and I can be sure that they won’t run out halfway through a shoot. And they cost me less to replace. Get them if you’re still using CR2s, this is a real no-brainer deal. Continue reading

Clean Desk

My brother went back to Kuching for his semester break so I took his 22″ monitor to use on my laptop. I think I’ll buy it over from him soon.


Studio strobe on camera right bounced off cream colored wall. One SB600 mounted on camera bounced directly up at the ceiling. I had to wait for the sun to set slightly so the outside won’t be overexposed.

The LCD displays are also adjusted so their brightness would be the same and look right with the surrounding. Laptop LCD displaying Tweetdeck, taskmanager and Sygate personal firewall, 22″ LCD displaying Google Earth, iPhone playing Jojo’s Too Little Too Late. Wiimote functions as my remote control.

Today is 22nd Nov. Let’s see how long this desk remains clean. Continue reading