The Legendary 4AGE Engine

I was talking to someone today about possible engine swaps for Toyota Corollas. Most 4AGE engines will be able to fit nicely and satisfy your need for speed. Their halfcuts are relatively cheap, cheap to run (I get 13.7km/l for my BT20V), cheap road tax and they’re virtually maintenance free. Haven’t had a single breakdown for the past 3 years, and I regularly bring it up to 8.1k RPM.

Anyways here are some awe inspiring 4AGE engine setups. The following are mildly modified 4AGEs. Sporting custom intakes, tuned exhaust pipes and probably more aggressive cams.

4age (13)
On the left you can see some nice velocity stacks/trumpets to give good airflow into the throttle bodies.

4age (8)

4age (7)

4age (6)
Check out the individual air filters for each throttle body!

4age (5)
Individual coil packs. Distributor-less.

4age (4)
Lovely exhaust pipes.

With naturally aspirated (NA) 4AGE engines you can probably get up to 200hp only after tuning and everything, economically speaking. To get more power, a turbocharger is required. I have no idea how much horsepower the following turboed 4AGEs produce but I’m guessing around 300-500. Keep in mind that the displacement of these engines are only 1.6L.

4age (12)

4age (11)

4age (10)

4age (9)
Nice and clean engine bay.

4age (3)

4age (2)

And last but not least, who can forget the legendary Formula Atlantic 4AGE engine which generates 240hp with a displacement of only 1.6L.

Naturally aspirated, no turbos! Redlines at 11k RPM.

Turboed version of the Formula Atlantic engine:


4age (1)

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