2009 Recap

The first decade of the 21st century is almost over. Lots of things have happened during the past decade, and we’re probably going to usher in the next decade hoping for a better economy, finding ways to deal with the energy crisis and also global warming.

2009 for me has also been a blast. It has been a pretty eventful year. I’ve been able to accomplish some of my targets for 2009 and some more. Anyways here’s a short recap on what happened in 2009.


    On the way to Sydney.


  1. Came back from my Melbourne and Sydney Trip
  2. Went back to Kuching for Chinese New Year with my relatives
  3. DSC_4476

    Flight back to Kuching.


  4. Went for a photo outing: Thaipusam Shoot
  5. Bought my first rangefiner, then sold it because I realised
    it didn’t suit me well.
  6. Went for a shoot a FRIM: (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) Part 1, Part 2.
  7. DSC_0780

    Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder


  8. Cheated on World Maths Day.
  9. Went to Melbourne for the weekend.
  10. Went to shoot the Melbourne International Motor Show
  11. Port Dickson Trip with Zoe Yve
  12. Photo outing at Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009
  13. Followed by a Putrajaya Shoot
  14. Earth Hour 2009 at KLCC
  15. Tested out the Nikon D3x at DCIM
  16. DSC_1531

    High ISO test of the D90.


  17. My first wall climbing experience at Shah Alam
  18. Reviewed the ultra wide angle Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. Superb lens for landscapes. Not for camwhores.
  19. DIY-ed a macro lens.
  20. May

  21. Talked about Flash sync speed.
  22. Planned and went for an impromptu trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  23. Started my 3 months stint at KLIA ASU. Sorry no photos, but I spent one of the best times of my life there.
  24. @mosphere

    @tmosphere at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


  25. iPhone 3Gs Launched.
  26. Flight AF447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Cause of accident still unknown.
  27. Got some flash gels.
  28. Bought a bright torch light with a SSC P7 led.
  29. Why I stopped drinking. But then I never learn.
  30. King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away.
  31. iPhone firmware 3.0 is released.
  32. iphone2g

    iPhone 2G


  33. Renewed my road tax online.
  34. DIY-ed an aquarium chiller for a friend.
  35. Talked about what goes on during an aircraft transit.
  36. Finally joined Twitter @tzywen.
  37. Explained the usage of Gobos.
  38. Scan10103

    Sprocket Hole Photography.


  39. Did some sprocket hole photography with a Holga.
  40. Created the Airline Manager Route Distance Database. It’s still being actively used by around 6000 users daily and close to 20k hits per day.
  41. “Modifying” a Nikon SB600 to work on a Holga.
  42. Went to shoot the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2009 at Sepang.
  43. Went back to Kuching on an Airbus A330 jumpseat. Video of the takeoff available.
  44. DSC_7088

    BMW Z4 at Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2009.


  45. Started my CarPC project.
  46. I was invited to give a talk on my Nikon CLS hack at the Nikonian Academy.
  47. I now do engineering consultation and product development for them on a part-time basis.

  48. Went to Langkawi with my family.
  49. CSC_8644_s

    Sunset at Langkawi.


  50. Busy preparing for my DCA exams.
  51. Went to shoot the USAF Thunderbirds in Malaysia. Awesome performance. No words can describe their precision.
  52. Built a home constellation projector.
  53. Toyed with the idea of FPV flying.
  54. DSC_9278

    USAF Thunderbirds doing the mirror image.


  55. Got a Wiimote and made a whiteboard out of it.
  56. IMG_0804

    Addicted to XPlane.


  57. Compiled a list of Top 11 signs of a Twitter addict. This was also my 1000th post.
  58. Launched my own URL shortening service Sli.my
  59. DSC_9572

    Home Constellation Projector

2009 has been a great year but 2010 promises to be an even better one. I’ll be flying off to UK later for 11 days. Regular updates will continue after 13th of January 2010.

Before I go I’d like wish the very best for you for 2010! Have a Happy New Year!

Signing off for year 2009,
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1Malaysia iPhone App

Nowadays everything is about 1Malaysia. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when I discovered a “1Malaysia” app on the Apple App Store. It’s free and it can be found by searching for “1Malaysia”.

As the name implies, the App is all about Malaysia. Let’s take a look at what it offers.


The “1Malaysia” app has a Malaysian flag as the app icon. On the right is the main screen for the app. Travel Spots lets you browse tourist destinations by states. While this may seem convenient for tourists, truth is, the places that are in the database are very limited. For example, here’s what they have for Caves in Sarawak (bottom right):


There is more than one cave in Sarawak. On the way to Lundu itself there are 3! More should be added to Travel Spots before this feature can become handy to tourists.


The 1Malaysia app can also show you foreign exchange rates and also bus routes. This again will come in handy for tourists especially if they’re planning to take the public transport to get around.


For those of us who are staying in KL, the live traffic cams are a life saver. As you can see, 7:30pm is not a good time to be on the Federal Highway.


The 1Malaysia app also contains the rail map so you can plan your route around the city. Again, great for tourists. Weather in Malaysia is pretty much unpredictable so weather forecast is something that I think we will rarely use. It didn’t rain today.


Other features include showing you nearby stations (KTM, LRT), a very extensive telephone directory of all the important departments in Malaysia (fire, police, immigration, taxi) and a little bit of history and geography on Malaysia.

Personally as a Malaysian, I won’t find this app extremely useful for visiting tourists. However, it does provide them with the basic tools to get around. And perhaps indirectly, through the Apple App Store, the “1Malaysia” app can promote Malaysia to an international audience.

I just downloaded it because it has live traffic cams. Continue reading

Gmail Phishing

Seems like hackers have started to use Gmail chat to phish for victims. I got this today. Never open any links or download anything from suspicious sites. Especially sites that have names very similar to other big legit sites like facebook.com. “viewmorepics.image-facebook.info” is definitely not a domain owned by Facebook.


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How to Stream Audio Wirelessly to your iPhone

Let’s say you want to listen to your favourite tunes in the living room while reading your favourite book. Problem is, your PC is in the bedroom and you can’t blast music from its speakers because everyone else is sleeping. So you need a way to get that audio from your PC to your headphones in the living room. You can probably get those expensive wireless headphones, or you can do it for free if you have an iPhone or iPod touch.

Of course, this is assuming you’re playing back songs not available on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Step 1: Getting started

First you’ll need to get 2 pieces of software:

  1. Audio Server for your PC or Mac (download here).
  2. AudioInFree for your iPhone/iPod touch (get from the App Store).

Access the App Store from your iPhone/iPod touch and search for “audioinfree”. You should be able to find this. Install it:


Step 2: Configuring the server

The description for this step is misleading because there’s actually nothing much to configure. Run the Audio Server on your PC and you’ll see this screen:


Select your audio input device and input pin. It’s usually your main audio device and “wave”. Press “Start” when you’re ready to stream. Your firewall may ask you for permission to allow this program to access the network. In any case, allow it.

Step 3: Running the client

Run AudioInFree on your iPhone/iPod touch and you will see this screen:

photo 2
Here is the main screen and you can see the server list. For example, I have a server “tzywen” running on

Tap “Settings” and you’ll see this screen:

photo 4
Here you can set your streaming buffer size. The larger the buffer, the less “glitches” there will be if the network is not stable.

Go back to the main screen and tap the audio server that you want to connect to (refer previous screen shot). If the connection is successful you’ll see the following screen:

photo 3
Now that you’re connected, just press the “Play” symbol on top and audio from your PC will start streaming out from your iPhone/iPod touch.

Step 4: Enjoy! Continue reading