How to Stream Audio Wirelessly to your iPhone

Let’s say you want to listen to your favourite tunes in the living room while reading your favourite book. Problem is, your PC is in the bedroom and you can’t blast music from its speakers because everyone else is sleeping. So you need a way to get that audio from your PC to your headphones in the living room. You can probably get those expensive wireless headphones, or you can do it for free if you have an iPhone or iPod touch.

Of course, this is assuming you’re playing back songs not available on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Step 1: Getting started

First you’ll need to get 2 pieces of software:

  1. Audio Server for your PC or Mac (download here).
  2. AudioInFree for your iPhone/iPod touch (get from the App Store).

Access the App Store from your iPhone/iPod touch and search for “audioinfree”. You should be able to find this. Install it:


Step 2: Configuring the server

The description for this step is misleading because there’s actually nothing much to configure. Run the Audio Server on your PC and you’ll see this screen:


Select your audio input device and input pin. It’s usually your main audio device and “wave”. Press “Start” when you’re ready to stream. Your firewall may ask you for permission to allow this program to access the network. In any case, allow it.

Step 3: Running the client

Run AudioInFree on your iPhone/iPod touch and you will see this screen:

photo 2
Here is the main screen and you can see the server list. For example, I have a server “tzywen” running on

Tap “Settings” and you’ll see this screen:

photo 4
Here you can set your streaming buffer size. The larger the buffer, the less “glitches” there will be if the network is not stable.

Go back to the main screen and tap the audio server that you want to connect to (refer previous screen shot). If the connection is successful you’ll see the following screen:

photo 3
Now that you’re connected, just press the “Play” symbol on top and audio from your PC will start streaming out from your iPhone/iPod touch.

Step 4: Enjoy! Continue reading