1Malaysia iPhone App

Nowadays everything is about 1Malaysia. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when I discovered a “1Malaysia” app on the Apple App Store. It’s free and it can be found by searching for “1Malaysia”.

As the name implies, the App is all about Malaysia. Let’s take a look at what it offers.


The “1Malaysia” app has a Malaysian flag as the app icon. On the right is the main screen for the app. Travel Spots lets you browse tourist destinations by states. While this may seem convenient for tourists, truth is, the places that are in the database are very limited. For example, here’s what they have for Caves in Sarawak (bottom right):


There is more than one cave in Sarawak. On the way to Lundu itself there are 3! More should be added to Travel Spots before this feature can become handy to tourists.


The 1Malaysia app can also show you foreign exchange rates and also bus routes. This again will come in handy for tourists especially if they’re planning to take the public transport to get around.


For those of us who are staying in KL, the live traffic cams are a life saver. As you can see, 7:30pm is not a good time to be on the Federal Highway.


The 1Malaysia app also contains the rail map so you can plan your route around the city. Again, great for tourists. Weather in Malaysia is pretty much unpredictable so weather forecast is something that I think we will rarely use. It didn’t rain today.


Other features include showing you nearby stations (KTM, LRT), a very extensive telephone directory of all the important departments in Malaysia (fire, police, immigration, taxi) and a little bit of history and geography on Malaysia.

Personally as a Malaysian, I won’t find this app extremely useful for visiting tourists. However, it does provide them with the basic tools to get around. And perhaps indirectly, through the Apple App Store, the “1Malaysia” app can promote Malaysia to an international audience.

I just downloaded it because it has live traffic cams. Continue reading