London Trip 2009: Part 7

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It snowed last night so the streets were covered with snow the next morning. Today’s the day I journey to Birmingham on a bus.

Snow. Soft and fluffy. Similar to the ones you get on your ice-kacang.

Except that there are tons of it on the street now. They don’t melt very fast. And snow on cars are not easily removed because they usually form a very hard layer. So it’s more like scraping ice off than blowing snow off cars.

Looking down towards the high street.

Since I was heading up north, it was going to get colder with higher possibility of snow. And heavy snow may cause the motorways to be jammed and stuck. There have been cases where people were stuck in their cars for hours and froze to death suffered hypothermia.

Coffee at the nearby Starbucks. The bus station is just behind me. Thanks Aunty Peng for the coffee and photo!

On the bus. They have heaters so it’s actually quite comfy.

Forgot to take a photo of the bus, but it was National Express and it runs straight from Golders Green to Birmingham Central. Luckily the snow did not cause any jams on the motorway and I reached there on time. Then I took a cab to Joanne’s apartment somewhere in Birmingham. The most vivid memory of her apartment is the cold. For some reason she never use the heaters and she likes to open her windows when it’s snowing outside.

Looking out from her apartment.

Birmingham was covered with snow! It snowed so much that it was possible to make a snowman. I did try and if Joanne can still find that video I will post it up.

It was going to be cold in Birmingham.

I slept during the afternoon because I was too tired after the bus ride. Had Joanne’s homecooked food for lunch and dinner. I’ll be fat if I stay there for too long! We went and watched Daybreakers Sherlock Holmes at the local cinema at night. Love the free seating here!

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