London Trip 2009: Part 8

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Second day in Birmingham. Went to Sealife with Joanne which was walking distance from her place. Since it was a weekday it was practically empty and we had the whole place to ourselves. At least before a group of school children came along.

Map of Sealife Birmingham.

A bit too many species of sealife to see. They have fish, crabs, starfish, turtles, seahorses, stingrays, sharks, beavers, frogs, jellyfishes and other weird animals.

A seahorse. The male seahorses actually carry the eggs until they hatch.

Two stingrays swimming in formation.

This is one of my favorite tanks because it has stingrays in them:

Luminous jelly fishes. These jelly fishes were illuminated with a black light from above.

We saw some ducks on a half frozen pond swimming about. How do they stand the cold?

This is the ocean tunnel, not unlike what most underwater world has to offer. Here you get to see 2 loggerhead sea turtles. Gigantic creatures, but amazingly graceful in the waters.

An apparently dead turtle at Sealife:

We left after going through the place twice. Watched a 4D movie and saw them feed the otters. They even managed to train them. I guess when the incentive is food, they’ll do anything for it.

Boat restaurant on a half frozen canal.

Not exactly frozen but I’m sure I can get from one side to the other by jumping on slabs of frozen ice.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

We dropped by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery after Sealife. Museums really take up a lot of time because there are so many things to see. And winter didn’t help either because the days are greatly shortened.

At the Birmingham Bull ring. This is where all the shopping centers and retail shops are located. You can still see piles of snow on the pavement.

This strange building covering looks brilliant when lit up at night by spotlights. If you use Windows 7, one of the desktop backgrounds in the architecture category is a shot of this building.

Joanne cooking dinner. Her cooking is to die for. Seriously.

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