London Trip 2009: Part 9

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Managed to meet up with Nick the next day and we went over to the Custard Factory, Birmingham where they were having an exhibition on the human body.

Bodies Revealed.

Before that we had real English breakfast near Paradise Circus. It was close to 3 pounds only for a large serving of toast, eggs, sausages, ham and vege that I couldn’t even finish. Thanks for the breakfast Nick! By the way, the screen’s showing the login for Windows.

Unfortunately photography was not allowed in the exhibition. But basically the exhibition tears apart the human body and lets you study them up close. They remove skin off real humans so you can see the muscles underneath them. They use a special technique to preserve the models so they won’t rot away.

And they also found a way to display the blood vessels that are in your body! Image courtesy:

A closer view. Image courtesy:

This is one of the most interesting exhibition that I’ve been to and it definitely helps you understand the human body better when you have everything stripped down and laid out nicely for you.

By today the snow had started melting. Remember I promise to show you the ugly side of snow? This is it:

Brown, muddy, slushy, dirty, and wet snow.

The Wheel of Birmingham. Sunset at 2pm.

We went over to Chinatown to get some supplies for laksa. I swear that there are more Chinese people in Chinatown than here in Malaysia. Even in KL I don’t see that many Chinese people in one place.

Joanne made Sarawak laksa.

Love these slippers. But I can’t help but imagining myself stepping on cute puppies with every step I take.

After dinner Joanne and I went to catch the Daybreakers. Really interesting movie. Plot was predictable, and a bit anti-climatic. But I absolutely love the “daytime driving” feature on their cars!

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