London Trip 2009: Part 10

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My last day in Birmingham. My bus was scheduled to leave at 3:30pm so I had time for lunch. Joanne cooked again. I want a live-in chef! Thanks for letting me bum over too! Hope I didn’t incur too much heating bills!

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery in the morning.

Walking down the Bullring towards Digbeth coach station.

Journey back to London was slightly delayed because the bus used some small roads. Probably to avoid the snow or jam.

Golders Green station. This was about 6pm.

It was snowing when I arrived back in London. Took this video showing the high street:

After leaving my bags I took the tube to London Bridge to meet up with Sel and Fay for dinner. We had Nandos in a dungeon. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera along so no photos of the interior. Thanks Fay for the birthday dinner! :)

This was my last night in London. My flight was at night the next day so I still had a bit of time before I need to go to the airport. My aunts brought me out for lunch and around Golders Green. Everything was covered in snow and it looked absolutely amazing.

This was at a football field. The snow here was very pure and undisturbed and fluffy. You could lie down and just sleep in it.

At Hampstead Heath with my aunts.

Levitating snow balls. Snow balls aren’t very hard and it’s quite hard to keep them intact when you try to throw them. Imagine throwing dry sand balls.

Sledding down a snowy hill. It’s like sliding on ice, with no means of steering.

And this is the worst part about sledding: bringing the sled up the hill again. But it was really worth it.

Having a half pint of Guinness at The Spaniards Inn at Hampstead.

Took the cab to the airport hours before my flight. There was a slight jam on the way but since I was early I wasn’t too concerned. Checked in without a hitch and sat down to wait for my flight at the departure hall. They have free wall chargers here!

Check in hall.

Flight took off without incident. Slept for a greater part of the journey. 13 hours later I’m back in KL. 11 days well spent :)

I would like to thank the following people for making this trip such an enjoyable one: Aunt Peng for letting me stay over at Golders Green and for the generous hospitality; Aunt Mei for being my personal tour guide through the various museums in London, and I don’t think I can find a better guide anywhere else; Joanne, Sel and Fay for letting me bum over and bringing me around. Had a really good time with you all. And for all of you that I missed out here, it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys!

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