Downloadr: Download Photos from Flickr

If you ever had to download a batch of photos from Flickr, you’ll know that there isn’t a batch downloading function built into Flickr. You would have to go photo by photo and download them manually. I recently wanted to transfer some of my vacation photos from a Flickr set to my Facebook so I went out and I found the perfect tool: Downloadr.


Displaying my Australia trip set.

The nice thing about Downloadr is that I can search by “sets” and download all my photos from that set. This is very useful for me since I usually keep my photos in sets. I can also search by keyword, user, group and favorites.

Just select which photos you want and Downloadr will download them for you automatically.

This has saved me tremendous amount of time and I probably won’t bother getting those photos onto Facebook if it wasn’t for Downloadr. So if you have tons of photos on Flickr and have no idea how to get them downloaded and sorted out, here’s your magic bullet. Continue reading