Macro on iPhone 2G

iPhone 2G’s 2 megapixel camera shoots decent images. Decent, but not great. And it doesn’t have autofocus so you can get too near to your subject. But there is a way you can shoot macro photos with a 2G camera. Here’s how.

First you must open up your iPhone. I recommend following’s disassembly guide to get to the camera.

Here’s the camera after you’ve removed the cover. [Image courtesy] You’ll also need to take off the rubber piece that fits on to the camera module. Then, turn the lens anticlockwise until you’re satisfied with the focus. Below is an example of a photo taken after adjusting the lens.

macro 005

The downside of this mod is that you won’t be able to take ordinary photos. So unless you plan to go full time macro on your iPhone, adjust your lens back after you’re done having fun. Just turn clockwise until you’re satisfied with the focus. Continue reading

Chinese New Year Trip

Just a short post here. During Chinese New Year I was back in Kuching and a few of us went up to Sematan. We stopped by the Fairy Cave which was near Bau.

It was really difficult trying to shoot in a cave with only one SB800. Many lighting setups were not possible.

The cave explorer. That’s me holding one SB800.

Had a small barbecue at Sematan and stayed the night there.

Due to the lack of light pollution, this was the night sky. 30 second exposure was the most I could do before the effects of the Earth’s rotation blurred the stars. Will bring a star tracker next time I go there.

Not my plane.

Jumped back to KL with the A330. Overall quite an interesting Chinese New Year. Continue reading

Rear View Camera Drive Video

I recently installed a rear view camera on my car and I recorded the journey from my place to the nearby McD drive thru. This was taken at night. I expect the quality to be better in the morning with sufficient ambient light.

Wide angle lens mounted on my rear number plate.

The rear view camera is just a normal webcam fitted with a wide angle lens and wired to my on board computer (CarPC). I do the recording using the supplied webcam software. Continue reading