Moving On

After 6 years on Php-Nuke, I’ve decided that it’s time to change. Php-Nuke was getting hard to manage. I no longer have the time to write custom modules for it. WordPress has got a million and one plugins that will do everything you want, and some more. So it’s wordpress for now. The old site is still running at The domain will now redirect to instead.

I also haven’t been blogging for months due to real life commitments. Been busy with studies, exams and projects so I haven’t got the time to document things on my blog. Exams have pushed back a lot of things that I want to do. But I’m happy to say that I’m almost done with the exams and I will be finishing up soon. Then I can dedicate more time into blogging which I think is something worth putting time into. It’s like writing a diary. Years from now you’ll have something to look back and ┬áremember it by.

Regular blogging starts tomorrow. If you wish to visit the old site, just go to All the old articles are still there so there’s no need to update your links or bookmarks.

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