Lamborghini Reventon Dash

I tweeted about this a while ago but I’ll put it here for the record. The Lamborghini Reventon probably has the best digital cluster around. There are 2 modes available.


This is the more traditional styled design, emulating analog meters that we find in most cars. Easy to read and understand. Instead of using moving needles, the circular scale will get filled up.


The second mode mimics the cockpit of a fighter jet. And rightfully so because the Reventon itself is designed with fighter jets in mind.

Here’s a video of it in action. There are however some errors in the display in the video. The RPM is supposed to be shown in steps of 10, not 1000:

Here’s another video showing the cluster:

Building such a dash should be quite straightforward given the proper graphics engine. A small computer will be needed to run the graphics software and also accept inputs from the car’s ECU. Modern cars with OBDII ECU interface will be really easy to setup as OBDII readers are very cheap now. Older cars will have to manually tap their analog signals from the ECU.

Unfortunately for me I don’t have a car with an OBDII interface so if I ever want to build something like that I would need to get the inputs from the current dash and convert them to digital for the computer. But seeing how cool it is, it will probably be attempted sometime in the future. Perhaps by salvaging a netbook with a decent screen.

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