Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

Today our country Malaysia celebrates its 53rd Independence day. We’ve come a long way since 1957. And it’s amazing that after so many years, we still stand united. I’m really honored to have so many friends from different races who tolerate each other’s religion, who are very open about racial issues.

Sure, we may hear one or two cases of vandalism in places of worship, or the occasional racist remark, or sometimes the stereotyping of races. But those are isolated cases and they do not represent the majority of Malaysians who are generally very friendly. If you have friends of another race, you’ll realize we are not so different after all. We share cultures, food and festive seasons. A little give and take will take us a long way.

So to all my Malaysian friends, have a happy Merdeka Day! Stick together and see what more we can achieve!

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