How to Install Win95 on an iPad

This tutorial will teach you how to install Windows 95 on your iPad. It runs on an emulated environment so performance is very bad. This is just a proof of concept, not a practical application.

IMG_0086 copy

Windows 95 booting up on the iPad.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Mobile Terminal. You can get this from Cydia (source:
  2. bochs.deb file.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Transfer the bochs.deb file that you have downloaded to /tmp on your iPad. You can use WinSCP.
  2. Run Mobile Terminal on your iPad.
  3. Type “login” and login to “root” using password “alpine” (if you haven’t changed it).
  4. Type “dpkg -i /tmp/bochs.deb“. This will install bochs.
  5. Once installation is complete, type “killall SpringBoard” to restart springboard. Capitalization is important.
  6. You will see a new bochs icon on your iPad. Run it.

IMG_0092 copy

IMG_0093 copy

Bochs comes “pre-installed” with Win95 and Win3.11.

IMG_0090 copy

Everything works. You scroll around using the touch screen.

IMG_0088 copy

Resolution support is bad though.

IMG_0091 copy

Solitaire is not a game that you want to play on an iPad.

Although booting Windows 95 on an iPad is cool, it’s not very practical. The emulation is very slow and it takes almost 3 minutes to boot Windows 95. Performance in Windows is also sluggish. I would estimate that the emulator is capable of about 33Mhz of CPU speed because it feels slower than my very old computer (66Mhz DX2).

Here’s someone doing the installation and demoing it:

Apple iPhone 2G

I’ve been using my iPhone 2G for many years now. These are some photos:


Trying out an iPod dock.


Early days of unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone involved the command line.


Made a robot (follow link for video) to play Towers of Hanoi on the iPhone.

iphone 2g backup 075

Managed to “mirror” the screen somehow when replacing the display.


It has also followed me to several countries. Seen here at Hong Kong.


Climbed Gunung Gading with it.


Did long exposure timing with it.


Designed a charger to charge it.

Did some shoots for it too:


While it was still very new.


When the 3Gs came out.

Like all gadgets, it has been phased out by a newer model. Still, it was one of the best phones I’ve owned to date.

Blast from the Past

I was browsing through some photos yesterday while writing about my cat and I found some interesting photos that I took a while ago.


House warming present: a roll of tissue paper. Bet that lasted a long time. Can’t even remember when this was taken.


Our very own Oktoberfest a few years back.


Breaking fast at Flamming BBQ Sunway with colleagues.

I was really into photography when I acquired my first DSLR. I had the time then to experiment with a lot of things, and organize outings with friends. I might need to put more time into it.



Experimenting with lighting.


I was also into filters, especially the graduated neutral density type.


This was during a break from shooting at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). House of the dead.

And for a while I was into HDR:


Kuching International Airport


@tmosphere at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Will be digging up more old photos in the future.


My mum just informed me that my younger cat back at home has been put to sleep due to kidney failure.  He was already feeling sickly the last time I was back (end of August). His condition didn’t improve and by today he was unable to walk. I guess it was best to end his suffering peacefully. He has had a very good life (read: salmon for dinner) and I guess it was just time for him to go.


Cats are most adorable when they’re asleep. That’s because they’re not bothering you to feed them for the third time in an hour.

I don’t really remember how long he has been with us. But I would guess in excess of 10 years since we brought him home as a kitten. How time flies. All my cats have been like family to us. And he was no exception.


Very early photos of him. These were shot in film, not digital so you can imagine how old they are. He’s in the top left and middle right photo.


His favorite food was cat biscuits. He would rub himself against the biscuit container until you feed him or he’ll mew so pathetically that you would feel sorry and feed him. It is true when they say cats have control over their owners. Even so, he’s still always trying to jump on the dinner table during our meals.


During his better days. I like him because he doesn’t complain much. You can carry him around and he wouldn’t mind. Unlike the other cats. He makes a funny sound when you drop him from high above. Dropping here means making a rapid downward movement while cradling him, not actually letting him freefall down.


Spends most of the time sleeping near you when you’re busy doing something. He would just snuggle up to you when you’re clearly not free for him and he would only go away after repeatedly putting him down. Most of the time he just wants to be fed. At other times he just wants your attention. Once he’s satisfied you’ll find him curled up in a ball fast asleep.

Sometimes while watching TV, he would just jump up on the sofa and curl himself around you to sleep. Sometimes if you’re unlucky you’ll have to entertain him and shower him with some attention before he will leave you alone. But he wasn’t too annoying. Just the right amount of annoyance to make himself important enough not to be ignored.


He’s even in our family portrait! Bottom left if you can’t recognize cats.

The following were the last photos that I took of him while I was back in August. He was getting quite sick already but he was still around and his presence was still felt, i.e. still annoying as usual.


He was starting to grow thin and his fur was unkempt. Here seen sleeping on my bed.




Not in sequence.

I’m sure I have a lot more of his photos if I go back to Kuching and dig them from the photo archives. I haven’t been taking much photos of him since I moved over to KL. And needless to say I wasn’t there when he was put to sleep. And I think it was for the best, because it would have been hard for me to let him go.

What wouldn’t I give now to have him for another day.

iphone 2g backup 208


iPhone 4 Dock Review

My friend Ben managed to find a very cheap iPhone 4 dock on eBay which I will be reviewing today. The dock costs about RM24 ($8) only. We all have China to thank for lowering down prices of electronics. However, due to the availability of online shopping and cheap electronics, I think I tend to spend more. So I’m not sure if cheap electronics is a good thing.

The very first iPhone released by Apple came with a dock. The dock allows you to stand your iPhone upright on your desk for charging, syncing or audio-out. Later iPhones didn’t come with a dock and they had to be purchased separately. The same goes for the iPhone 4. Personally I find that the dock is a very useful accessory to have for an iPhone because you don’t want to leave the phone lying on its back while charging. The tendency of getting it scratched is very high. Also, the audio out feature is very useful if you want to play back music on your speakers.

DSC_0110 copy

I got a matte black dock. The photo on eBay shows a glossy black one. These are inconsistencies that we sometimes have to deal with when buying from China/HK.

When I first got this dock, the lack of tilt immediately caught my attention. And it was proven when I compared it side by side with my iPhone 2G and its dock:

DSC_0129 copy

As you can clearly see, the iPhone 2G’s dock provides more tilt than the iPhone 4′s dock. But under normal usage on my desk, this wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought it would be.

Another problem I found was that the dock covered a bit of the home button:

DSC_0122 copy

Again, this is just a design issue. I would have preferred it to look like the iPhone 2G dock, with a small cutout in front (see bottom of this post).

DSC_0125 copy

Like the iPhone 4 dock sold by Apple, this dock has connections for audio-out and to the USB sync cable. There is one peculiar thing about the USB sync cable connector though. It’s upside down.

Although the dock is specifically designed for the iPhone 4 (I’ve tried inserting other iPhones into it and it doesn’t fit), the following message still appears everytime you put your iPhone into the dock:


Despite this message, everything works well. I have no problems syncing with iTunes, charging it, or using the audio-out jack. I have not tried making calls with it on the dock but I don’t suspect that to be a problem since the signal strength is pretty good here.

DSC_0120 copy

The iPhone 2G and iPhone 4 dock compared side by side. The iPhone 4′s dock is slightly thinner.

Final verdict: Build quality is not as good as the original Apple iPhone 2G dock. The matte black surface attracts dust fast. The USB sync connector is a bit tight and the connector doesn’t sit flush. Functionally this dock works well. For $8 there’s really nothing much to complain about. Recommended if you really want a dock and don’t want to pay a high price for the original Apple one.

Tip: If you have the old iPhone 2G dock, don’t throw it away because it actually fits the iPhone 4:

DSC_0105 copy

iPhone 4 on an iPhone 2G dock. The front cutout frames the iPhone nicely.