Red Book

Last year on 30th of December, I sat for my Airframe written examination. After passing that, 3 weeks ago on Friday the 13th, I sat for my oral examination at the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia. 4 years of knowledge was evaluated in about 40 minutes. And today, I am pleased to say I have passed and have been issued the coveted “red book”:


As you can see it is obvious why it’s called a “red book”.

The red book contains the license to maintain planes. However, having this book does not give me any certifying privileges, i.e. I still can’t work on planes. I have to go through the company’s Quality Assurance oral to get my company approval before I can start signing off planes. This is merely the first step in achieving that. It’s a prerequisite for the company approval.

I have a lot of people to thank for this. Couldn’t have done it without all the support, guidance and motivation. You all know who you are ;)

Next: QA. The last hurdle.

7 thoughts on “Red Book

  1. so proud of you.
    get established,
    be endorsed by tools and aviation related companies,
    and be the 1st ever celebrity LAE.
    go, tzy wen!!

    • sanji: Just study and know your regulations. Be confident during the interview and if you are not sure just tell him you’re not sure and you will find out later. Most of the time they’re trying to find out if you have actually worked on aircraft before. Also, they want to make sure you’re a safe and sane person. good luck!

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