3D Camera for iPhone

3D is all the rage nowadays. With 3D movies, cameras and TVs being introduced like there’s no tomorrow, we consumers are inclined to follow the trend. So there was no surprised when I found a 3D Camera App for the iPhone. The iPhone has an App for everything. Except maybe to reboot the universe and solve the world’s energy problems.


The 3D camera is very easy to use. Just take 2 photos a distance apart, align them and the software will convert it to an anaglyph image which you can then view through 3D red cyan glasses.



Red cyan 3D glasses like these will be required. The good news is, you can get these glasses for free.

It takes a bit of practice to take good 3D photos. The photo is affected by the subject and the distance as well as camera angle. You might need to try several times before getting a good 3D image of your subject. Below are 2 good 3D images, taken by the developer:



So if you’re tired of taking 2D photos, give this App a try. And post some results in the comments too!

[Link to App]

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