My mum just informed me that my younger cat back at home has been put to sleep due to kidney failure.  He was already feeling sickly the last time I was back (end of August). His condition didn’t improve and by today he was unable to walk. I guess it was best to end his suffering peacefully. He has had a very good life (read: salmon for dinner) and I guess it was just time for him to go.


Cats are most adorable when they’re asleep. That’s because they’re not bothering you to feed them for the third time in an hour.

I don’t really remember how long he has been with us. But I would guess in excess of 10 years since we brought him home as a kitten. How time flies. All my cats have been like family to us. And he was no exception.


Very early photos of him. These were shot in film, not digital so you can imagine how old they are. He’s in the top left and middle right photo.


His favorite food was cat biscuits. He would rub himself against the biscuit container until you feed him or he’ll mew so pathetically that you would feel sorry and feed him. It is true when they say cats have control over their owners. Even so, he’s still always trying to jump on the dinner table during our meals.


During his better days. I like him because he doesn’t complain much. You can carry him around and he wouldn’t mind. Unlike the other cats. He makes a funny sound when you drop him from high above. Dropping here means making a rapid downward movement while cradling him, not actually letting him freefall down.


Spends most of the time sleeping near you when you’re busy doing something. He would just snuggle up to you when you’re clearly not free for him and he would only go away after repeatedly putting him down. Most of the time he just wants to be fed. At other times he just wants your attention. Once he’s satisfied you’ll find him curled up in a ball fast asleep.

Sometimes while watching TV, he would just jump up on the sofa and curl himself around you to sleep. Sometimes if you’re unlucky you’ll have to entertain him and shower him with some attention before he will leave you alone. But he wasn’t too annoying. Just the right amount of annoyance to make himself important enough not to be ignored.


He’s even in our family portrait! Bottom left if you can’t recognize cats.

The following were the last photos that I took of him while I was back in August. He was getting quite sick already but he was still around and his presence was still felt, i.e. still annoying as usual.


He was starting to grow thin and his fur was unkempt. Here seen sleeping on my bed.




Not in sequence.

I’m sure I have a lot more of his photos if I go back to Kuching and dig them from the photo archives. I haven’t been taking much photos of him since I moved over to KL. And needless to say I wasn’t there when he was put to sleep. And I think it was for the best, because it would have been hard for me to let him go.

What wouldn’t I give now to have him for another day.

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