Ipoh Flea Market

I was in Ipoh this morning with virtualmystic to check out their flea market. Rumour has it that the flea market contains antiques and old stuff, including vinyls and technology from the yesteryears. It is also said that some things from there are stolen goods. Judging from the number of car players for sale, I won’t be surprised if that’s true. The flea market is located on Horley Road and Lim Bo Seng Road. Your GPS should be able to bring you there. If not, nearby landmarks include the Ipoh City Hotel, Grand View Hotel and The Store shopping center.


The first part of the flea market we visited sold mainly new and modern things, not unlike your local nightmarket. The other part sells almost everything under the sun. We were interested in that part.


Items for sale includes (clockwise from top) very old PC parts, parts from a bike, engine parts.

The things that you can find here is amazing. If you ever need something, this is the place to go to. It’s like a junkyard, a tinker’s heaven.


New and sealed floppy disks! Each holds an amazing 1.44 MEGABYTES!!! WOW!!!1111. Also seen here: ping pong bat, ADSL modem, PSP casing, socks. Very random.

The flea market also doubles as a free history museum. You can should bring your children there to educate them about the olden days. I’m sure they will be amazed by how people used to live without computers, mp3 and the Internet.


Assorted parts.


Assorted car parts.


Here they have a collection of old tape players and amplifiers.


Old telephones, second hand tools, hi-fi sets and lamps. I even saw a chainsaw for sale. Perfect for Halloween. Not sure if they will allow that into a party.


Again, a lot of assorted parts. I saw hundreds of Sony Walkmans for sale. Perhaps they will become more expensive over time since Sony has announced that they will discontinue making them.


Memory Lane. How true. “Macam-macam ada” (assorted selection).

Really enjoyed the trip there. There were so many things to see. Like I said earlier, it’s like a museum, and I absolutely love looking at old stuff. Things that you may be able to buy here (other than the ones mentioned above): clothes, shoes, belts, old books, magazines, kerosene lamps, very old handphones (think Nokia 3310 and before), electrical items from the colonial era, 8-track, audiotapes, CDs, finished liquor bottles and cases, old cameras, video cameras, knives, broken guitar necks (no idea why anyone would want one), and almost anything that you can think of.

I got a few vinyls for my recently acquired turntable. Managed to get the Carpenters, Bee Gees and a Beatles’ single for bargain prices.

Later we had lunch at Kong Heng chicken rice shop.


Amazing white coffee.

All photos here taken with an iPhone 4. Didn’t bring my D90.

Will be posting up my Melaka trip weeks ago with Zoe Yve soon. Stay tuned!

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