Water Tank

I know it has been ages since my last post. As part of my New Years Resolution, I will try and clear all the backlog starting from November last year. For now, a short one.


During spring cleaning two days ago, we discovered that the water flow became very slow after a few hours of water usage. Since the tap was connected to the tank we suspected that a faulty ball valve wasn’t letting enough water flow into the tank. It has happened before so we went up to inspect the tank.


The tank is located at the highest possible position on the house for obvious reasons (so you get water pressure in every room) so naturally it’s almost impossible to reach. Access is through a small window and we need to use a ladder propped on a table to reach it.


The lid of the tank was almost impossible to open. Once opened, as expected, the ball valve was limiting the water flow. While trying to adjust it, the brittle arm broke. So a new valve was needed. Mark cleaning the tank while waiting for the replacement ball valve to arrive.


Draining the sediments at the bottom. Teh O ais anyone?


View from up there was great! Perfect for stargazing on clear nights.


New ball valve, reused the old ball.


Installing the new ball valve. Look how clean the tank is!


Last look from above the tank before going down.

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