Mukah: Part 2

The appeal of living in a small town is that you know everyone and everyone knows you. Also, getting around is easy. Everywhere is 2 minutes away. The downside is that when you do something wrong, the whole town knows about it the next day.


Menara Pehin.


Traditional houses built on stilts by the river. This was taken on a bridge.

It has been raining quite frequently in Mukah so a few places have been flooded. It’s not a widespread flood like in West Malaysia though.



Beach-side park. This is a famous location for the Kaul festival, celebrated by the Melanau people.


On the way to a beach resort. This is a coastal road. There’s perpetual sea mist here because the waves are constantly crashing against the rocks by the shore.


This is the only beach resort here in Mukah. About 10km from the town of Mukah.


A Chinese temple in the town.


St Peter and Paul Church. Beside this church is a secondary school. And beside the secondary school is a new church.


Went to have a look at the Lamin Dana but it wasn’t open. Here you can explore the ways of life of the Melanau people. Found some photos of the interior on the net.


These houses are built on stilts and they even built a walkway to each house. The walkway stretches very long into the village.


Clock tower near the mosque.


Chimney from a sago factory.



Mukah is also home to a thriving fishing industry because of its proximity to the sea. Fish prices in Mukah have been steadily increasing because of buyers from Sibu who are willing to pay the higher price for fresh fish.

I also tried out some local delicacies like the umai (diced raw fish) and their ikan bakar (grilled fish). I find the umai quite interesting and will definitely serve as a very good appetizer. But you need to beware of the small bones inside because they dice the fish whole, bones included, using a very sharp knife.

photo 5

And this is fried mee soup. They fry the mee and then serve it with soup.

More to come tomorrow.

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