3D Printed A Flow Control Lever Tool

One of the things I need to do every morning is adjust the flow control valve on the water heater because depending on the time I shower, sometimes the water pressure is too high and sometimes it is too low. This water heater is not fed by the storage tank so there is a variation of pressure throughout the day.

Flow control knob. Small, stiff knob.

The problem that I face is that the valve is quite stiff and requires quite and effort to turn. Also, the small knob makes it difficult to make fine adjustments to the water flow. So I decided to design a tool to make this chore easier.

Designing the tool on Google Sketchup 8. I actually had to make some changes to the original dimensions as the first prototype was a bit too small to fit.

Printing out the tool on Solidoodle 2.

Testing it out on the flow control valve.

It works! Now I have a long lever to accurately adjust the water flow to my liking.

Of course, this is just a crude solution to the problem. A more elagent solution would be to put in a motorized flow control valve and a flow control sensor and use a microprocessor to constantly regulate the flow so I get constant flow regardless of the time of the day. But that’s another story for another post.

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