Long Lama, Miri

I have figured out how to post to my WordPress Blog from Microsoft Word. This is the first such post. If this works it will be easier for me to post and I will definitely try to revive this blog. You can try it out yourself if you use WordPress too. Link is here: http://wpmu.org/how-to-use-microsoft-word-to-publish-directly-to-your-wordpress-site/

For the past 4 days, I was at a small town in Miri commissioning a generator panel for the town. It’s almost 4 hours by car on very bad roads. Almost only accessible by four-wheel drives. Which is not uncommon to see 90% of cars in Long Lama are four-wheel drives. Due to the locality, they are not fed by the grid yet so electricity is generated by using Diesel engines. There are 11 of them. This is the power station with two gigantic Diesel storage tanks.

A bridge has not been built yet to the town so we had to do a ferry crossing. I haven’t done this since I went to Lundu a long long time ago.

These are the existing gensets. The power station is incredibly loud and hearing protection gear is required. On hot days the whole place is very stuffy too.

Generator panels are used by operators to control the generators. They work 24 hours in 3 shifts.

A large turbo on a Diesel engine. Turbos make the engine more efficient so they can be built smaller.

This is the engine control panel. This engine runs at 1500RPM. With a 4 pole alternator, it generates 50Hz exactly.

This is the new engine.

4 days is a long time in a small town. The pace is slow and generally the people are very easy going. It’s good to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and just enjoy the peace and tranquility in the rural areas once in a while. Then perhaps we will remember what we live for.

Sunset by the river.

And this is entertainment for the night.

Also found this remote telemetry unit measuring water level and rainfall. In the background people are racing small boats powered by pump engines.

Local children enjoying their evening at the town basketball court. Fortunately electronic gadgets have not taken over their lives yet.

Long Lama is a nice town. But I ran out of things to eat in 4 days. But it was good fun.