End of ASP

The end of ASP is here. Just 3 more days to go. My friend like to call it Alternative Slimming Programme instead because of obvious reasons. I have been sawing, filing, sanding, drilling MILD STEEL NON-STOP FOR THE LAST 3 WEEKS! I have bulging biceps now. If this keeps going on, I don’t need to go gym at all, not that I go la.

Innocent looking Myvi? I think not…

Check out the intercooler! I read that it outputs 95hp at the wheels!

I’ve been downloading and watching LOST as well as Prison Break as well as the Matrix Trilogy. I think LOST episode 25 will be the last episode. I will be aired at the States tomorrow. So probably tomorrow night I will be able to download it. Episode 24 was simply amazing. As for Prison Break, there’s still 25 minutes left for episode 18. I think I will be able to finish watching till episode 22 by tomorrow. As for the Matrix Trilogy, it simply blows my mind away, even though I have watched it countless times.

Nice Impreza.

Sometimes people wait for drastic things to happen before they take any action. I have a change in mindset after reading the blog of the girl who died from cancer and after I woke up early one morning because of a stinging pain on my right abdomen. At first, I though I was having appendix (I know it’s not spelt that way but you get what I mean). But I can’t rememeber which side the appendix is at, so I can’t really be sure. But I sure scared the hell out of me, because if I really had appendix, that means I won’t be able to go work and finish up my final project haha.

Hmm… who left the smoke generator on?

Anyways, the stinging pain was due to gastric. I forgot to eat supper that night. But after that I started to realise the importance of having good health. So therefore I decide to cook at least one dish of veggy when I’m eating at home, which is everyday. And stock up the fridge with some fruits. And I notice that when I cook now, I will put garlic in my cooking like it’s nobody’s business. I used to HATE garlic. I can’t comprehend the change. But it sure smells good when fried with ikan bilis.

Nice sunsets here. Away from all the tall buildings.

Lastly. Barney, you want to know how to go Sematan? Easy. Use car la! Don’t tell me you want to walk eh? =)

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1 Utama F1 exhibition

Went to 1 Utama yesterday and saw some exhibiton on F1 cars. Two of my housemates (Alvin and David) participated in the Shell refuelling challenge or something like that and they nearly won with a time of 7.88 (need to beat 7.64). I’ll just show some pictures of the exhibition today because I just crashed my heli real bad (read: almost totalled) so not really in the mood to type ;)

Honda’s new V8 car.

Oooh… carbon brakes.

Same car, back view.

The “Shell V-power” car. Ferrari.

Brembo brakes

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Apartment found!

We found an apartment today! It was quite cosy even though we had to pay RM450 for the apartment compared to a RM400 flat. We’ll be staying there for some time so probably we’ll make it as comfortable as possible. Expect lots of DIY stuff around haha

Anyone wanna come over for a stay? haha

Probably needs lots of cleaning up.

Holy smoke! I think there was a fire somewhere near Sunway today…

First prototype of HouseGlow(TM).

Lots of pictures because I’m too lazy to blog. I’m going Genting tomorrow. Hope I can take a video when I’m in the roller-coaster to show how it’s like to be in a roller-coaster for those too timid to get on one =) Continue reading

MAS LAME programme part 2

Seems like my blog has been filled with some irrelevant information. So I’m here to clear a few things up.

Two days ago, I was stuffing my bags into the car, waiting to go back to Inti Nilai to enrol for the third semester. Suddenly, my cousin comes out of the house and told me that someone was on the phone looking for me.

Knowing him, who’s very prone to tricks, I thought this was some joke he was trying to play on me. How else could anyone get the phone number of the place I was staying.

I picked up the phone and someone asked if I was “Chen”. I said yes and I was wondering who was talking on the other end.

Mini on tow.

What I heard next was totally unexpected. She said, “When are you going to collect your MAS offer letter?”

I said, “Huh?”

New pair of shoes.

Then she explained that I had been offered the MAS scholarship to undergo training for the LAME programme! I asked her why I wasn’t informed earlier, now that I was in KL and was just hours away from enroling for the third semester in INTI.

Going to Nilai.

Apparently they just got the letter today and it’s waiting for me back in Kuching. So what does that mean?

I’m coming back to Kuching!! On the 2nd or the 3rd. Home sweet home =) Oh yes, please ignore the previous posts about the MAS scholarship thing.

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I have arrived safely in KL. The flight was a bit bumpy. Seems like the pilot prefer to bounce his plane on the runway than landing smoothly.

This holiday is going to be a fun one. Going for movies, and best of all, we might be going for a paintball session!! I can’t wait for it.

Just so you know, I will be at the Summit on the 25th. Anyone want to meet there contact me. I will be going back to Inti on the 29th to enrol and to check into my room. So to my Inti friends, see you then! Continue reading