New Eten M600 PDA phone

I went to Midvalley yesterday and bought a new bluetooth enabled phone, camera, mp3 player, video player, 1GB of storage and a wifi enabled device. Actually I just bought an Eten M600 PDA phone. It integrates all that into one small device =)

RM2588 with free 1GB SD memory card.

I did not plan to get anything on that day although I have been eyeing the o2 XDA IIi for some time already. But when I tried out the Eten M600, I was impressed by its many features and especially its speed. And since it was on promotion, why not?

Perfect replacement for my ageing T610. It’s not too bulky to carry around, unlike some bigger PDAs.

I’m not going to do a review now since I only had it for one day. But so far I’m very impressed with its functions. I can listen music on the go (during my bus trip to KLIA), use wifi (at KLIA), watch videos, take pictures and not to mention make calls and send smses.

I just love the touch screen.

To make calls, I just tap the numbers on the screen with my fingers. To send smses, I just write using the stylus. The handwriting need to get used to though. Anyways, the first sms I sent was to my brother, saying that I am sending him that message through my Eten M600. The first call I made was to my mum, saying that I have made good use of the RM2500 hehe

High resolution screen. You have MS Office here too.

The thing that I love best about this PDA is the wifi. This means that anywhere I go, if there is a hotspot, I can check my email, read news, blog, chat on MSN, make free calls through Skype and many more. I was at KLIA just now using its free wifi while waiting for my dad and brother to arrive.

Who needs an iPod video when you have this? The video quality is extremely good.

There are tons of programs for PDAs floating around the internet. Imagine the countless possible things that I can do with this PDA. I can’t imagine. Continue reading

Sub repair

To repair a subwoofer, one must understand the forces that we are dealing with. Failure to do so will result in failures after repair. Apparently, the shop/guy that fixed Jon’s sub didn’t understand the way he listens to his music. The last repair lasted 15 seconds after he pulled out of the shop. I’m here to try and beat that time.

For the repair, all you need is a soldering iron, some thick wires and a broken sub.

Sony Xplode, max power 800W

Here’s the problem.

Soldering a wire directly to it…

… and running that wire directly to the terminals. I have therefore eliminated the problem of the wire ever breaking again.

Nope, my hands ain’t shaking.

To further understand the sheer power of a subwoofer, download this video. Note: the volume was not on full to make sure that I still have friendly neighbours after I’m done. Continue reading

Car & Cat Videos ++

The flooding continues. I’m too lazy to even try to stop it. It’s just one of those down days I guess.

So how many of you have the chance to see a real Mercedes SLK? How many of you get the chance of seeing it rolling on the road? How many of you had actually tried out-running it and have the video to prove that your car is no match for a car that costs around half a million? I do =D But to be honest, I didn’t put the pedal to the metal and he certainly didn’t put much force on his right foot.

Watch us chase a SLK! (500 something KB)

It’s pretty interesting to see someone in trouble and pretending not to help. It gets even more interesting when you take a video while your cat MUTILATES the rat it caught. No cats were harmed during the production of this video. The rat, however, was found rotting the next day in the very same room.

Download the video (500 something KB). Remember, you have been warned.

You know, tell me if you think that embedding a player to play videos on this site is a better idea than just giving you a link to the actual file. I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.

I was chatting with a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and he’s working in a pharmacy as a part-timer. The pharmacy that he works in is no ordinary pharmacy. It’s a pharmacy that sells all sorts of sex-related things. From viagra to condoms to you-know-what. So working there has certainly made him gain a lot more knowledge. Did you know that there’re stuff that can make a person horny? And do you know that 3 viagra pills costs roughly RM200? That’s way too much to pay for sex if you ask me =D No wonder they say prevention is better than cure.

The conversation drifted on to cleaner topics like girls and relationships. He gave a very interesting quote (or rather a quote that I find interesting). It goes like this: Girls will offer sex for love and guys will offer love for sex. Which basically means that a girl will have sex with you even if she doesn’t want to, just so that she can get his love / maintain the relationship. For guys, in exchange for the love they give you, they will want sex. In other words, guys want sex and girls want love. It’s so simple that it becomes complicated.

And this is the one thing that I hate about some guys, including myself. They take advantage of that weakness in girls and make them do things that they don’t want to do. Girls will do anything to save their relationship. Anything. Sexual favours included.

So an advise to the guys, don’t take advantage of your girlfriend and don’t take her for granted. You’ll regret. For first time boyfriends or failures, read

For the ladies, don’t be looked down upon as the weaker sex. You both have equal say in this relationship. Unless of course if you are from some country that does not have equal rights for women (i.e. women cannot vote). Continue reading