Aerial Photos from Extra 260

Here are some aerial photos we took from the Extra 260. These are screenshots from the video but I won’t post the video because I got nauseous after watching it for a few minutes. It was moving and turning too fast.


That’s where I parked my car (middle right, black sedan) near the guard post.


Sewage treatment plant nearby. Doesn’t look very pleasant with the green algae filled pond.


Some houses near the main road.


If you look carefully on the right of the photo above, you can see the Subang Airport runway! Unfortunately air traffic control won’t allow us to land there. No I didn’t ask.


Someone on a bike and someone walking on the walkway.


Deforestation. I think.


Still a lot of green here :D

I would love to put a small compact camera on board to get some better shots. But we need to sort out the weight issue to do that.

On other news, we have ordered a FPV video unit. This means that very soon we will be able to stream live video from the cockpit and fly the plane as if we are in the cockpit. It will be like flying a real plane, minus the cost, risks and G-forces. If the plane crashes, you won’t die. Reminds me of the movie Surrogates. Stay tuned for that.

Apartment found!

We found an apartment today! It was quite cosy even though we had to pay RM450 for the apartment compared to a RM400 flat. We’ll be staying there for some time so probably we’ll make it as comfortable as possible. Expect lots of DIY stuff around haha

Anyone wanna come over for a stay? haha

Probably needs lots of cleaning up.

Holy smoke! I think there was a fire somewhere near Sunway today…

First prototype of HouseGlow(TM).

Lots of pictures because I’m too lazy to blog. I’m going Genting tomorrow. Hope I can take a video when I’m in the roller-coaster to show how it’s like to be in a roller-coaster for those too timid to get on one =) Continue reading