Travelling woes

Travelling in KL can be a real pain in the ***. Even if you have a car, you still have to pay expensive tolls and pay for expensive petrol. And taking the KTM and LRT is not cheap either if you travel a lot. Last week I managed to travel to Nilai using 2 buses only. And that cost me RM8. From Subang MAS to KLIA, then from KLIA to INTI. But the bus from Subang is reserved for MAS staff only.

I came all the way to Nilai for this.

Then on Saturday I travelled down to Pudu, going through the Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM. Got some electronic parts and stuff. They don’t sell ultra fast recovery 1000v 20a, so I had to settle with 1000v 3a. I think I will go to Farnell for parts.

Travelling in a KTM can induce boredom, especially if you need to switch off your phone to conserve battery.

Then I met KC at the Bandar Tasik Selatan station and we went to Midvalley. I got some stuff from ACE hardware for my upcoming project. I’m a sucker for shiney things. And we headed over to Subang Jaya to meet my housemates who are going to Asia Cafe for dinner.

This is what I’ll be seeing every morning when I go to work.

I’ve heard of Asia Cafe quite a few times, but I have no idea how it was like. It looks like a normal food court, but it’s bursting with activity and of course girls. Great place to hang out for us MAS guys. But the drinks are expensive. RM4 for a cup of juice.


Someone needs to get their BM right.

I need a car.

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