Happy birthday to me!

Today is officially my birthday! So what’s it like being 19? Well, nothing much. You just get tons of people wishing you happy birthday =)

Anyways, today was a rather eventful day. We finally revisited SIB. Yes, the very famous church in Kuching that (indirectly) accused us of stealing church property a few years back and we were banned from playing football there.

Today, we went back and won 2 of our matches but lost the last one due to lack of energy because we played 3 games in a row and had no rest. It was great. Scored one, assisted one. It feels good. Except for the ball. It’s rather huge and bouncy. Too used to futsal.

Original Norah Jones CD and an apple.

This is one of the most sincere gift that I have ever received. I got it from KC and Adrian. It’s an ORIGINAL Norah Jones CD (as you can probably tell from the cover, nevermind that the CD itself was burned) with a BOUNS CD INSIDE! The bonus CD turned out to be my Avril Lavigne original CD (really original) that I borrowed to KC a while ago. Thanks a lot guys! And the apple is from ET.

We had dinner at Hartz, then we went to watch a movie entitled “The Chinese Tall Story”. It turned out to be a total joke (pun intended). It’s bull**** all the way. Watch it to believe. Then we went to ET’s place to do something all teenagers do (or rather watch something all teenagers watch). And then we went for supper.

I think I got what I wished for this birthday. I went with my mum to shop for a new digital camera today. I was looking for the Canon IXUS 40 because of its attractive price. The guy at the shop told us that they no longer have that model. Instead, they showed us the new Canon IXUS 55. It retails at RM1.6k. And it’s totally out of my budget of around RM1k. So I said to look elsewhere.

Canon IXUS 55

But my mum said no. She say it is OK to pay for this camera if I want it. So we bought the camera, and I was still in a daze. I never imagined getting a IXUS 55 because it’s a bit pricey. But get this. It comes with a free 512MB SD card! The card costs RM299. With the SD card, I don’t need a card reader anymore! My laptop has a SD card slot. And the camera is very thin indeed! At 21mm thick, I can barely hold it properly. I have this constant fear that it might slip from my hand. And its also very fast. That’s something I love about it.

So I’m very happy with what I have now. Finally I can have a camera that I can call my own. This is going to last me a long long long time. Pictures! Here they come! =)

Okay, I know I need to get my nails cut. Continue reading