Kuching August 2010

I was back during the Merdeka weekend and spent 5 days back in Kuching. It felt more like a holiday than just going home. My mum has kept the house neat and tidy (you should see my room in KL) and she also renovated my room while I was away!

DSC_0061 copy

A nice worktable and a floating bookshelf. Wikipedia made those books¬†obsolete by the way. Not shown are 2 nicely made beds and a sliding door cupboard that hasn’t arrived yet. Could be a subtle hint that I should come back home more often.

DSC_0075 copy

And of course, the cat is always around when you’re busy with something. She should be 10 or 11 this year. Too fat to carry around. The other cat was sick when I got back. Lost so much weight that I could actually carry him around.

I’m not a hoarder but I do have large quantities of old stuff that I keep. I like to have spares around so I can get things fixed easily. But it clutters up the house so I had to throw almost 6 boxes of stuff away the other day. Brings back good memories as I sifted through the stuff.

DSC_0093 copy

Very old computer parts. I threw away a 286 too. It was older than me, given by a friend.

DSC_0098 copy

Used to be really into Lego sets. This was one of the more interesting sets because it had a programmable brick that allows you to use a computer to program it. It was primitive, to say the least, but it offered a quick and hassle-free  introduction to programming.

DSC_0121 copy

Baby hamsters. No I did not have to throw these away. They’re almost transparent. Less than a day old.

We drove up to Damai, Santubong and Buntal one day to see the new renovations at Damai Lagoon and also to have seafood at Buntal. Damai Lagoon looked more exclusive than before. There weren’t a lot of people around at that time. But I suspect that it would be full during the Rainforest Music Festival. Normal rooms start at RM280 (promotional rate) and suites start at RM1.9k.

DSC_0106 copy

The newly renovated Damai Lagoon.

DSC_0108 copy

The pool looks so much nicer now. Some of the suites had a good view of the sea.

We stopped by Santubong Resort to have a look too. It was completely deserted, probably because most of the guests have checked out by then. We were the only people there. It looked like a ghost town!

DSC_0111 copy

Saw some people fishing at the shallow waters at Buntal. Buntal is famous for its seafood. It’s somewhere before Santubong.

The weather in Kuching has been rather erratic lately. Sometimes it’s blazing hot, at other times it is very nice and cloudy. There was once when I saw a cloudless Melbourne-like sky:

DSC_0119 copy

Right after the rain. I’m a sucker for clear blue skies. I’ve not seen such clear skies before in Kuching.

Had to go back to KL today. Flight back was uneventful. Not many people were flying around during the fasting month.


Speedbrakes were deployed during the descent to reduce speed.

As always, had a really relaxing time back in Kuching. Looking forward to my next trip home!

Chelsea unbeatable

I just witnessed Arsenal getting trashed by Chelsea. And to just imagine that they (Arsenal) were the untouchables a few seasons ago. In fact, even before watching the match, I had a feeling that Arsenal was going to lose. I didn’t have to go through the formations and tactics for the 2 teams to come up with that. It’s so common for Chelsea to win all their matches these days that I just assumed that they will win.

And if you think that money cannot change anything, think again. Chelsea is a good example of how money can be put to good use. When you get great players, managers, coaches in a team, there’s little left to luck. It’s like pitching a Kancil bicycle aganist a Bugatti Veyron. For your info, a Bugatti has 1001 horse power while a bicycle has only 1 human power.

With 20 points in between the two teams, I think Chelsea, quoting the commentators, have just got their early Christmas present. Nice match by the way! Continue reading