Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I went and visited the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


Marina Bay Sands at night. [Source]


In this picture taken from far away, you can see the 3 57 stories high hotel towers and the Sky Park that is shaped like a boat on top.

DSC_0070 copy

The view from inside the lobby. Very spacious and long.

We went up all the way to the Sky Park at the top. The view from there was amazing. It reminded me of the Peak Tram in Hong Kong.

DSC_0078 copy

This is the observation deck where you can almost see whole of Singapore.

DSC_0081 copy

Looking down from the Observation deck.

I shot a few panoramic photos. View the larger versions for more details.


At the very end of the observation deck. Click here for a larger image.

singapore skyline

View of the Singapore skyline and the main financial district. Click here for a larger image.

infinity pool

The infinity pool. There’s no edge on the far side so you can really enjoy the view of Singapore. I bet it’s amazing at night. Click here for a larger image.

DSC_0105 copy

Me and Tzy Shih at the infinity pool. Yes yes I know I need to eat more.

Would love to stay a night here just to have a dip in the pool and enjoy the night view. Rooms start at SGD359.

DSC_0115 copy

Went to the casino also. You need to be 21 and above to enter. And Singaporean citizens need to pay SGD100 per entry. Here I saw someone use a SGD1000 note on a roulette table.

Some other unrelated photos below:


Here’s my bedroom in Singapore. I would have mistaken this for a hotel. Extremely comfortable and cozy. Messy because I just woke up.


And my odometer turned 200k while driving there!


Extended height TV antennas in Muar. Seems like they’re trying to get Singapore channels here.


We also visited the TNB (Tenaga National Berhad) building in Muar (Thanks Cindy for the directions!), made famous by rapper Namewee. Watch this. Viewer discretion advised, NSFW.

Singapore 2010 Part 1

The thing I miss most about Malaysia is my free calls, sms and internet. Here in Singapore I am not connected at all and that really drives me crazy. Anyways, some photos from my trip.


Driving towards Johor.

It was not surprising that the traffic was very light on Friday. Probably because everyone had already traveled back to their home to celebrate the first day of Raya.

We started driving from KL at 8:30am and made a few stops along the way. We stopped by Melaka to have some cendol and to buy some dodol and pineapple tarts.


Not the best cendol in Melaka, but there was no 2 hour queue here.

Melaka was packed! Should have expected it. School holidays and public holidays. Place was jammed up. But I had to have my cendol.

photo 2

We then head on down to Muar to have lunch with Cindy. She suggested the best assam fish in Muar. And it was really good. And I heard the best aviation joke there.


While driving into Singapore, we forgot to fill in the immigration from, so it took us longer than usual to get through. Will blog about that in a separate post soon.

Anyways, just a sneak peak of where I’m staying now.


This is my aunt’s house. It’s like a 5-star hotel with my own personal pool.

photo 3

Had a drink at Clarke Quay and watched the Chelsea match at Hooters. Seriously, don’t come here only for the food.

I managed to meet up with long lost friend Loy Bong and good friend and colleague Liong and his girlfriend at Clarke Quay. Still a little tipsy with the 3 jugs of beer and another pint at Hooters.

I’ll be driving back to KL tomorrow afternoon. Need to cut short my holiday since I have some things to settle back in KL.

Meaning of Life

If only life was that simple. It is true that sometimes when we are too engrossed with our careers and making money we forget about the other things that truly matter. Like enjoying life and spending more time with the people whom we care about. Life’s too short to be slaving away for things that you can never bring away from this world. So once in a while, stop and check your priorities. Do the things you want to do, not need to do. That way, when the time comes, you won’t have any regrets.

End of ASP

The end of ASP is here. Just 3 more days to go. My friend like to call it Alternative Slimming Programme instead because of obvious reasons. I have been sawing, filing, sanding, drilling MILD STEEL NON-STOP FOR THE LAST 3 WEEKS! I have bulging biceps now. If this keeps going on, I don’t need to go gym at all, not that I go la.

Innocent looking Myvi? I think not…

Check out the intercooler! I read that it outputs 95hp at the wheels!

I’ve been downloading and watching LOST as well as Prison Break as well as the Matrix Trilogy. I think LOST episode 25 will be the last episode. I will be aired at the States tomorrow. So probably tomorrow night I will be able to download it. Episode 24 was simply amazing. As for Prison Break, there’s still 25 minutes left for episode 18. I think I will be able to finish watching till episode 22 by tomorrow. As for the Matrix Trilogy, it simply blows my mind away, even though I have watched it countless times.

Nice Impreza.

Sometimes people wait for drastic things to happen before they take any action. I have a change in mindset after reading the blog of the girl who died from cancer and after I woke up early one morning because of a stinging pain on my right abdomen. At first, I though I was having appendix (I know it’s not spelt that way but you get what I mean). But I can’t rememeber which side the appendix is at, so I can’t really be sure. But I sure scared the hell out of me, because if I really had appendix, that means I won’t be able to go work and finish up my final project haha.

Hmm… who left the smoke generator on?

Anyways, the stinging pain was due to gastric. I forgot to eat supper that night. But after that I started to realise the importance of having good health. So therefore I decide to cook at least one dish of veggy when I’m eating at home, which is everyday. And stock up the fridge with some fruits. And I notice that when I cook now, I will put garlic in my cooking like it’s nobody’s business. I used to HATE garlic. I can’t comprehend the change. But it sure smells good when fried with ikan bilis.

Nice sunsets here. Away from all the tall buildings.

Lastly. Barney, you want to know how to go Sematan? Easy. Use car la! Don’t tell me you want to walk eh? =)

Have a nice rest-of-the-week! Continue reading

Pioneer DEH-P2650

Today I woke up to the sound of people calling for volunteers to build the fence at 6am! And to make matters worse, I got a bad case of reality-dream confusion. My friend woke me up before he went to shower so I can get ready after him. And I thought I was awake but infact I was still dreaming. And I dreamt that I was talking to him when he (the real him) ask me suddenly if I was still following him. I was jolted out from my dreamworld and I sat there just wondering what happened.

Pioneer DEH-P2650. Love the display and the remote! And this player comes with the rotary volume control knob too!

I went to Wangsa Maju LRT station today to do another COD (cash on delivery). It’s a term we use when we do trading through forums. Wangsa Maju is the third last station of the Putra LRT line. But it didn’t take very long to get there from Sentral.

What’s the first thing you do when you get a player? Open it up and add new features!

This second-hand player cost me RM300 but it’s still cheaper than any headunit you can get out there with an AUX-IN. I saw a similar model without the remote going for close to RM600. So like I said, you can get good deals online.

Heart of the amplifier. Not too powerful until you can loosen bolts from your trunk but it gives decent loudness. Loud enough for your neighbour to go crazy.

This player plays CDs, FM and best of all, it has an AUX-IN. I can now connect my PDA to it and turn it into a 1gig boombox. So that was what I did this afternoon after getting my player. Pioneer does sell the AUX-IN cable but why buy when you can make one yourself for free. I’ll roughly describe how to do it here.

TADA! That’s it! Just connect your audio input (left=red, right=green, ground=copper color) and you are done! Here you can tell I removed the AUX-IN connector.

It works.

hehe I customized that title myself ;)

So no more CDs or poor radio reception to worry about ;) Continue reading