More on my life

I MET IDRIS JALA TODAY!!! He was eating in the same cafeteria as I was. In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the new managing director for MAS.

Basic english is not really basic english. We were taught how to communicate effectively, using body language and stuff like that. It’s more like a motivation camp rather than a basic english course. But I’m enjoying it.

Tomorrow we will be required to talk about anything that we want. Since show and tell is included, I decided to bring out the heavy artillary. I am going to bring a coilgun to MAS for show and tell tomorrow. I might be the first person to successfully bring a “gun” in and out of MAS. Damage report later.

Installing headunit on a KE70. Not easy.

As you might know, bird flu had hit KL a few days ago. Around 40 chickens died in Gombak. This might be a good time to stay away from chickens.

Time to blast some hot beats! Notice the mp3 player below.

I will be going Nilai once again this weekend to get my servos. This time, I might take the MAS shuttle straight to KLIA and then take a bus back to Nilai. It might be more convenient for me, but I think it would cost me 20 cents more. See how it goes.

Can you spot the speaker? Neither can I

Then I will be visiting Kin Chern at his new place at IMU. And maybe some other people also after that if I got time. Why do I have so much time?


Yes! I will be doing my practicals next week, for the next 5 weeks!! And I have been assigned to the landing gear and plating section with 4 other coursemates. You know what this means? No more studying for the next 5 weeks!! Just messing around with the carbon disc brakes, wheels, hydraulic systems! This is the life man…

Alright, that’s all for now. I got some hacking tips coming up and a DAMN HARD IQ test coming up. Stay tuned for that. If you have nothing to do, polish your brain for that IQ test =) Continue reading