Aerial Photos from Extra 260

Here are some aerial photos we took from the Extra 260. These are screenshots from the video but I won’t post the video because I got nauseous after watching it for a few minutes. It was moving and turning too fast.


That’s where I parked my car (middle right, black sedan) near the guard post.


Sewage treatment plant nearby. Doesn’t look very pleasant with the green algae filled pond.


Some houses near the main road.


If you look carefully on the right of the photo above, you can see the Subang Airport runway! Unfortunately air traffic control won’t allow us to land there. No I didn’t ask.


Someone on a bike and someone walking on the walkway.


Deforestation. I think.


Still a lot of green here :D

I would love to put a small compact camera on board to get some better shots. But we need to sort out the weight issue to do that.

On other news, we have ordered a FPV video unit. This means that very soon we will be able to stream live video from the cockpit and fly the plane as if we are in the cockpit. It will be like flying a real plane, minus the cost, risks and G-forces. If the plane crashes, you won’t die. Reminds me of the movie Surrogates. Stay tuned for that.

Extra 260 Build Log

This is more like a rebuild because the plane flew before this and has been on long term parking since then. For this rebuild, I have a new overpowered motor which should be plenty of fun.

This is what it looks like on its first test flight.

DSC_0047 copy

DSC_0016 copy

General layout inside the fuselage. This was before I had wired up anything.

DSC_0032 copy

The Turnigy TR 35-42C 1100kv Brushless Outrunner. I bought this when it was on sale so it was a very good deal. Now the price has gone up. This motor is very powerful when coupled with a 11×6 prop. It takes about 2 meters of runway and takes off in about 1 second at full power. Estimated 2-2.5kg of static thrust. This motor is actually overpowered for this model, resulting in a slightly nose heavy condition that was corrected during the build by shifting the ESC and battery rearwards.

DSC_0014 copy

Reinforced motor mount. No way of it coming off during a flight.

DSC_0013 copy

For the ESC (electronic speed controller) I used a TowerPro H40A Brushless Speed Controller. Does the job well and doesn’t get too hot or cut out during flight.

DSC_0025 copy

I used HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servos for the flight controls. These servos centers perfectly and at $2.69 each, they are a steal! No wonder they are always out of stock.


Commands for the servos and motor are received by a Hobbyking HK-TR6A V2 2.4GHz receiver.

Throw all of the above in a plane and you’ll have a lovely flying machine capable of reaching speeds in excess of 160km/h. This build log will continue with photos and videos of the flight soon.

First FPV Flight

I’ve talked about FPV (first person view) flights on RC before this on my old blog post. My housemate Tan recently bought a very small and light keychain video camera and we strapped it to a RC plane and took off to the skies. Here’s what happened.


This is the small keychain camera. Velcro-ed and taped to the front of the plane. This was the first setup and there was a very obvious problem. The camera was right behind the propeller so when the propeller was turning, it interfered with the view.


This was how it was mounted. RC plane is a Cessna 172. Very light. Perhaps a bit too light to survive the strong winds that we encountered today.


Pilot for today is Tan.


Doing a few low passes so we will be seen in the video. This was the closest I could get to the plane as I only had my 28mm wide angle lens with me.


We landed and changed the mounting of the camera to the side to get a bird’s eye view. This will give us a view similar to ones in Google Earth.


Weather was pretty hot and windy. The plane was too light so it porpoised when flying, making the video very jerky. A bigger, heavier, more powerful plane is under construction and it should provide for a more steady and exciting (aerobatics) video.

After we went home and discovered that the propeller was affecting the videos, we devised a mount to clear the propeller from the view of the camera.


It’s basically just 2 foam blocks glued together and velcro-ed to the top of the wing. You might think that this large object will disturb the airflow on the wing, but that wasn’t the case. Or it wasn’t obvious enough to be felt.


Preparing for a video of flying into the sunset.


Taxiing for a take-off.

Unfortunately the last flight didn’t go so well. Resulted in a crash with a broken motor mount, which luckily can be easily replaced. It was due to a strong wind blowing the plane sideways right after take-off, causing it to go into a death spiral.

Here are 2 videos from the few flights we made. This was from the first flight:

This was from the 2nd flight at another field:

Below are some screen shots from the fly bys. The plane wasn’t stable enough under strong winds so lower altitudes weren’t attempted.




Hope to get another plane up in the air soon!

Apartment found!

We found an apartment today! It was quite cosy even though we had to pay RM450 for the apartment compared to a RM400 flat. We’ll be staying there for some time so probably we’ll make it as comfortable as possible. Expect lots of DIY stuff around haha

Anyone wanna come over for a stay? haha

Probably needs lots of cleaning up.

Holy smoke! I think there was a fire somewhere near Sunway today…

First prototype of HouseGlow(TM).

Lots of pictures because I’m too lazy to blog. I’m going Genting tomorrow. Hope I can take a video when I’m in the roller-coaster to show how it’s like to be in a roller-coaster for those too timid to get on one =) Continue reading

In Nilai

I’ve been travelling a bit around Semenanjung lately. I’m now in INTI college Malaysia at Nilai using their free internet connection at my formal room. Although I have only been in INTI for 2 semesters or roughly 6 months, it brings back a lot of memories. Afterall, it was 2 very busy semesters. Will hopefully be meeting up with my formal coursemates and friends soon.

Room sweet room. Everything was still in its original place where I left them 2 months ago.

The trip here was rather eventful. I took a taxi from Nick’s place to the nearest KTM station and it costs RM4.10. When I looked into my wallet, I only had RM50 and RM100 notes. The taxi driver of course didn’t have change because it was quite early in the morning (around 8am). So I asked him to wait and I went to the ticket counter to see if they got change. Since it was still early, they didn’t have any. But the kind ticket officer allowed me to go to the platform to ask the people there if they have change. I got the change, paid the taxi, bought the tickets, and I was on my way. My faith in mankind has been restored.

Nick’s apartment as seen from MAA.

The MAA building seen at night.

“One drop of that blue gin will burn your throat” -NICK

So I decided to stick with the diet coke. Continue reading