Mukah: Part 2

The appeal of living in a small town is that you know everyone and everyone knows you. Also, getting around is easy. Everywhere is 2 minutes away. The downside is that when you do something wrong, the whole town knows about it the next day.


Menara Pehin.


Traditional houses built on stilts by the river. This was taken on a bridge.

It has been raining quite frequently in Mukah so a few places have been flooded. It’s not a widespread flood like in West Malaysia though.



Beach-side park. This is a famous location for the Kaul festival, celebrated by the Melanau people.


On the way to a beach resort. This is a coastal road. There’s perpetual sea mist here because the waves are constantly crashing against the rocks by the shore.


This is the only beach resort here in Mukah. About 10km from the town of Mukah.


A Chinese temple in the town.


St Peter and Paul Church. Beside this church is a secondary school. And beside the secondary school is a new church.


Went to have a look at the Lamin Dana but it wasn’t open. Here you can explore the ways of life of the Melanau people. Found some photos of the interior on the net.


These houses are built on stilts and they even built a walkway to each house. The walkway stretches very long into the village.


Clock tower near the mosque.


Chimney from a sago factory.



Mukah is also home to a thriving fishing industry because of its proximity to the sea. Fish prices in Mukah have been steadily increasing because of buyers from Sibu who are willing to pay the higher price for fresh fish.

I also tried out some local delicacies like the umai (diced raw fish) and their ikan bakar (grilled fish). I find the umai quite interesting and will definitely serve as a very good appetizer. But you need to beware of the small bones inside because they dice the fish whole, bones included, using a very sharp knife.

photo 5

And this is fried mee soup. They fry the mee and then serve it with soup.

More to come tomorrow.

Mukah: Part 1

Since I had a few days to spare in Kuching before celebrating Chinese New Year, I dropped by Mukah to visit a good friend. This will also be the second time that I’ll be flying on the Twin Otter, previously during my trip to Mulu a decade ago.


I bought a standby ticket to Mukah after lunch and was on standby for the 3:45pm flight. Bookings for that flight was full, but after I packed and went back to the airport, they managed to get me a seat on that flight.

photo 2

It was raining so umbrellas were provided. No aerobridge to get you to the cabin.

I almost forgot how small the aircraft was. There are no seat numbers so it’s free seating. No cabin crew to serve drinks either. There was no requirement since the aircraft seats 19 people or less. There were 11 passengers on my flight.


Small cabin.

Getting to Mukah was an adventure itself. Flying in a small plane means you’re pretty much at the mercy of the weather. The takeoff roll was very brief. It was raining in Kuching and visibility was not very good. But once we broke through the rain clouds, it was all clear and sunny. And soon we were climbing to 7500 feet. The aircraft is unpressurized so it cannot fly too high. So there’s plenty to see if you look out from the window.


The many rivers of Sarawak snaking inland.

photo 4photo 3

Flying at about 7500 feet at 300km/h.


Houses can be seen as we approached Mukah.


Sharp right turn as we approached Mukah. Flaps down in this photo.

The plane came down very fast during landing. The pilot then made a U-turn and headed back to the terminal. After the passengers left I talked to the captain and pilot. I asked them how they navigate the route and they say mainly VFR (visual) and GPS. They had about 15 minutes before taking off again to head back to Kuching.


Very simple flight instruments.


Very small cabin.


Admittedly, I got lost in this airport when I arrived because they had closed the front doors by the time I got down from the aircraft.

More to come. Stay tuned!

Drawing week

Most of my this week will be spend drawing on a piece of A3 size paper using a pencil. Not to mention set squares, drawing tables, compass. That’s technical drawing. It’s actually quite fun because there are many ways of drawing. Do you know you can draw parallel lines using 2 set squares? And you can put a circle around any triangle with all the sides of the triangle touching the circle? I thought it was impossible, but now I’m a believer =)

Radioactive plate washing fluid. No photoshop effects here!

And since technical drawing is a very relaxing subject, I’ve spent my free time going online and watching movies. The two latest movie I watched was Legally Blonde and Freaky Friday. Both were quite good.

World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006 has started. You knew that, didn’t you? Anyways, if you are like me and don’t want to stay up late to catch those matches live (or you don’t have a TV), you can head over to The official FIFA World Cup site and catch those match highlights. Ahh.. the wonders of technology ;) Continue reading

End of ASP

The end of ASP is here. Just 3 more days to go. My friend like to call it Alternative Slimming Programme instead because of obvious reasons. I have been sawing, filing, sanding, drilling MILD STEEL NON-STOP FOR THE LAST 3 WEEKS! I have bulging biceps now. If this keeps going on, I don’t need to go gym at all, not that I go la.

Innocent looking Myvi? I think not…

Check out the intercooler! I read that it outputs 95hp at the wheels!

I’ve been downloading and watching LOST as well as Prison Break as well as the Matrix Trilogy. I think LOST episode 25 will be the last episode. I will be aired at the States tomorrow. So probably tomorrow night I will be able to download it. Episode 24 was simply amazing. As for Prison Break, there’s still 25 minutes left for episode 18. I think I will be able to finish watching till episode 22 by tomorrow. As for the Matrix Trilogy, it simply blows my mind away, even though I have watched it countless times.

Nice Impreza.

Sometimes people wait for drastic things to happen before they take any action. I have a change in mindset after reading the blog of the girl who died from cancer and after I woke up early one morning because of a stinging pain on my right abdomen. At first, I though I was having appendix (I know it’s not spelt that way but you get what I mean). But I can’t rememeber which side the appendix is at, so I can’t really be sure. But I sure scared the hell out of me, because if I really had appendix, that means I won’t be able to go work and finish up my final project haha.

Hmm… who left the smoke generator on?

Anyways, the stinging pain was due to gastric. I forgot to eat supper that night. But after that I started to realise the importance of having good health. So therefore I decide to cook at least one dish of veggy when I’m eating at home, which is everyday. And stock up the fridge with some fruits. And I notice that when I cook now, I will put garlic in my cooking like it’s nobody’s business. I used to HATE garlic. I can’t comprehend the change. But it sure smells good when fried with ikan bilis.

Nice sunsets here. Away from all the tall buildings.

Lastly. Barney, you want to know how to go Sematan? Easy. Use car la! Don’t tell me you want to walk eh? =)

Have a nice rest-of-the-week! Continue reading